microphones in the trees: boduf songs

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

boduf songs

"Boduf Songs is Mat Sweet, who lives in Southampton, England. He recorded some songs for kranky as demos in early 2005 at home with an acoustic guitar, some cymbals, violin bow, toy piano, manipulated field recordings, and a computer. With less than ideal equipment and under less than ideal conditions, he created songs with memorable melodies, artful arrangements and carefully placed effects that lend an air of surrealism to the album. The recordings made such an impact on kranky that we decided to release them as is rather than having Mat re-record the songs, and possibly lose any of the immediacy and intimacy that make them so engaging. Deceptively low key, Boduf Songs skirts between singer-songwriter, psychedelic, home recorder and folk modes, bringing an obtuse, angular minimalism to these forms. Listening to this music visions of a beautiful spring day in an English meadow come to mind. With death keeping a close and watchful eye from behind a nearby tree. Mat Sweet will be recording a new Boduf Songs album for kranky this summer and fall under more ideal recording conditions" kranky

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