microphones in the trees: eyes and arms of smoke

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

eyes and arms of smoke

"The landscape of Central Kentucky is dotted with fields, trees and gently rolling hills, watched over by a bright sky. At night, under a thin moon, ghosts emerge from shadowy corners to work the land, pushing fingers into the soil among the roots and stems. In the earliest hours, the patterns of morning light dance with shadow, creating a network of intersecting dark spaces.
Eyes and Arms of Smoke, from Nicholasville, Kentucky, conjure music from these hidden areas, music that is delicate and otherworldly. The quartet is comprised of Trevor Tremaine, Ellen Mollé, Sara O’Keefe and Robert Beatty playing acoustic guitar, viola, clarinet and synthesizer/percussion respectively. These instruments are not approached conventionally; eccentric arrangements and oddball tonality paint this music with thunder. The generally quiet temperament emphasizes tension in the compositions, these songs are hymns to the onset of dusk." surefire

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