microphones in the trees: steve roden

Friday, November 25, 2005

steve roden

"Steve Roden once sang. And in the early 2000s he occasionally dusted downhis voice. It happened for Martin Archers "Angel High Wire" project andit happens again for Roden’s own "Speak No More About the Leaves". The title is taken from a poem by Stefan George used as lyrics by Schönbergin his "Book of the Hanging Gardens". Roden’s voice is accompanied by darkminimal electronics, the closest comparison is found in the most ambient pieces by The Remote Viewers...it has that kind of mood and an uncanny resemblance to' Louise Petts’ detached sensuality. The notes, treated, float in mid-air, filling thelistening space like fog. In his works Roden often chisels an awkward kindof beauty. This album makes no exception and it may very well be easier toapproach than his previous, all-electronic efforts." françois couture
2. speak no more about the leaves

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