microphones in the trees: November 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

marsh cavern

"The Marsh Cavern tape presents the very first tracks recorded by this modern psych lonesome guitar hero during winter 09'. Four post-Earth (first period !) depressive magically skinned tracks repeated on both sides of the tape. CS edition of the selfpublished cdr." kaugummi

Thursday, November 25, 2010


"Not long time ago Gabriele/Caligine travelled the world with some equipment and while being here and there had collected some impressions which weren't taken home, but almost immediately recorded, keeping instant mood. Being asked about some story behind new release, Gabriele said: "It's about places, mostly. England, Nepal, sometimes at the sea, sometimes rivers… The last song is a tribute for Jack Rose, I recorded the day he died. In common it's a journey record, all recorded on trip, not in studio. And the fourth song Arida II is the second part of a song from my previous EP."

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

red river dialect

Lex de Guanaco y Beggin' You pardon Miss Joan nos descubría Distant Man de Red River Dialect hace casi dos años
"debo decir que tengo una nueva canción favorita, de un grupo que me encontré de casualidad en Myspace (también tiene sus cosas buenas). la canción se llama 'Distant Man' y el artista es 'Red River Dialect'. visita su myspace. es un disco realmente increíble.
además fueron el grupo invitado en el nuevo show de radio local fm de Falmouth y Penryn, que se llama 'Orpheus Baubles'. el programa está muy bien. por alguna extraña coincidencia una de las antiguas canciones de Beggin' Your pardon Miss Joan abre el show, lo cual me cogió de sorpresa ya que no tenía ni idea de que iba a aparecer. como ya he dicho es una radio local así que debe ser difícil encontrarla, pero puedes descargarte la primera parte en el blog de 'Red River Dialect', que puedes encontrar aquí. escuchadlo, os lo ruego". Lex Panayi

Sunday, November 21, 2010


"...that delightful lazy summer day vibe hasn’t left the Ducktails music either, had this come out in the summer I’d probably be blasting this every day. As it stands, I guess I can close my eyes and pretend it is warmer." beach sloth

foto: alan giberson

Friday, November 19, 2010

charlie parr

"...Just Like Today is hushed, haunting and fragile as a candle flame." laurence mackin

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

keijo & jarmo

"We were not tired, but we were cold. We sat on a campfire and started to sing. There was someone at our home who had forgotten us. There was nothing left for us. Some black man sat by us. Or was it a woman? It opened its mouth and did not have any teeth. The song was cold, the song was warm. We were not afraid anymore." ikuisuus

"Finnish artists Keijo & Jarmo sing the most stripped down suicidal traditional blues and folk on Talkin Bout Death Past Gone. I really wonder what inspired this harmonica induced primitive Americana folk in Tampere." undomondo

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the blithe sons

"The Blithe Sons are the duo of Loren Chasse and Glenn Donaldson. Compiled from performances that took place under a creek bridge in San Gregorio on sea cliffs in the Marin Headlands. With acoustic guitar, harps, bells, harmonium, gongs submerged in a creek, cymbals, vocals, banjo, birds, pipes, bell-blocks, drums, branches and the location itself as an instrument, these album weaves minimalist hymns with stark drones. The Blithe Sons conjure an imaginary wilderness through the sounds made within these mysterious locales, combining Chasse's leanings towards tones and percussive textures with Donaldson's folk-inflected melodies" family vineyard

"...But, what about the true meaning of the 'Jewelled Antler'?
Loren Chasse: "The name came up spontaneously one day, while Thuja was playing. It stuck around in our thoughts and appeared later on as a title for a song. This didn't quite seem to fulfill the potential of this image, and so when Glenn and I decided to begin a label there was the Jewelled Antler, waiting as the perfect mascot for our imagined musics." perfect sound forever

Saturday, November 13, 2010

pine smoke lodge / deep magic

"Pine Smoke Lodge takes the listener deep in the woodlands, where moon light peaks, abated, through the old-growth trees while glistening sounds of bells, chimes and percussion lead the way. the whispers help keep the listener on the path, where he quickly slips into reverie.

 Deep Magic keeps the ears at ease with subtle, layered hums and sounds of nature. A constant underlying whir, comes in and out of focus, providing continuity while more layers build up." sacred phrases

Thursday, November 04, 2010

held the hand

01. opening ~ bruce langhorne
02. peeper II. true history ~ scott tuma
03 just like anything ~ jackson c. frank
04. comes a time (neil young cover) ~ hooded figures
05. in dreams (roy orbison cover) ~ mount pleasant
06. the eigth of january ~ bookmiller shannon
07. poor ellen smith ~ the kossoy sisters green
08. when the night comes ~ dan auerbach
09. cortez the killer (neil young cover) ~ stag hare
10. round and round ~ trevor healy
11. held the hand (daniel johnston cover) ~ joy zipper
12. lifted ~ passaro do pomar
13. seem d like ~ hush arbors
14. still racing ~ julian lynch
15. ballad in the bay of pigs ~ green gerry
16. yur a liar ~ amen dunes
17. pretend the devil isn't real ~ memory tapes
18. drug buddy (the lemonheads cover) ~ marissa nadler
19. there goes my girl ~ sultan
20. still don't know ~ david kitt
21. outer limits ~ sleep ∞ over
22. your world candied ~ mr & mrs smith
23. melting ~ sore eros
24. lavender moon ~ king creosote

foto: maggie lochtenberg

otro año más: happy birthday microphones!