microphones in the trees: November 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011


"...'Sha La La - La Later On' presents two distinct sides of the Serfs spectrum. The first, a glossy sparse web of clean ringing guitar reminiscent of Loren Connors. Emotional without ever becoming melodramatic. It closes out with a wonderful cover of Jerry Garcia's 'Love Scene' from the Zabriskie Point soundtrack. The flip side is the grittier side of things - pure burned-out live works. The guitar has more growl, the recording more hiss. This side closes with another cover, this time as a duo with Beach Fuzz's Tom Settle, ringing out a ten minute all-over-the-place version of Curtis Mayfield's 'People Get Ready'. In an edition of 50 tapes in cardstock sleeves with an insert." cabin floor esoterica

"Despite its sunny sing-along title and the fact that it features covers of songs by Jerry Garcia and Curtis Mayfield, Jon Collin’s latest album of ambient-guitar music under the name Surfs is a pretty lonely and lackadaisical affair. Rather than using significant atmospherics or looping, Collin relies on a completely clean electric guitar and an empty room to create a beautiful and singular work... Great end of summer transitioning tunes. Purchase this, and the rest of Cabin Floor Esoterica’s gorgeously packaged new batch, direct from the label." zen effects

fotos: anna verlet shelton  / alison scarpulla

(thanks to static encounters)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

ralph white

"Ralph White’s home-made Americana internalizes old folk, proto-blues and country music into meditative, psychedelic textures transcended by a high-lonesome drawl. Drone-like banjo, reminiscent of Dock Bogg’s, fiddle, button accordion and African kalimba. Edition of 100 copies." sloow tapes

photo via magpie magazine
(thanks to the radiant now for the rip & upload)

Saturday, November 26, 2011


"Finnish legend Keijo Virtanen (the voice behind the Rambling Boys, The Free Players, etc.) returns to Cabin Floor with nearly an hour of fried blues. He rolls effortlessly from the sparse disjointed riffing and freakouts of '15 Days' into the solid locked coasting-blues groove of songs like 'With White Woman' and the almost Valentine-like dream of the instrumental title-track. Every song is developed and full. Beautiful howling harmonica wails, dancing clear guitars and the snapping drums keep things exactly where he wants them to be. Edition of 50 tapes in cardstock sleeves with two inserts, one featuring a photo from Keijo." cabin floor esoterica

foto: connor novotny

otro mejor disco de mi vaquero finlandés favorito. six months on exile, folk minimalista y melancólico susurrado ante un micrófono imaginario qu no parece de este mundo

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


'Tusk', a new publication of my work
by Atem Books & Ubicuo Studio
Photobook for iPad available on the App Store.
more info: ubicuostudio.com

"...Ana Cabaleiro & Atem Books publishing house joined forces in order to present a contemporary way of understanding photography, a photo book application for iPad, which allows us to travel over the albums, flow amongst expandable photographs of idyllic and hidden landscapes and of Ana’s most nocturnal and intimate side.
The enchanting quality of these strictly film images teletransports you into a magical place, where you can feel the texture and smell the perfume of the fresh air and where you can also download some of this feelings as wallpapers. As if you were a passenger of this adventure." Lara Costafreda

so happy to be a part of this. thank you maría & emma!
the lovely song for the book is "♥" by Moths.
click here for the presentation video

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


"Longtime fans of Reedbeds’ particular brand of hazy good vibes will instantly recognize this subtle masterpiece as a perfect wintry addition to an already extensive discography. New listeners will be equally rewarded as they sit back and allow the soft washes of guitar to smooth out any worries of the day." hooker vision

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Monday, November 14, 2011

cabinet of natural curiosities

"After roaming the alleys of Brooklyn and the mountains of Montana, songwriter Jasmine Dreame Wagner retreated to her home in the woods to record chilling lo-fi lullabies and dark country dream songs with slide guitarist and percussionist Alex Reed Wilson."

uno de esos discos especiales y bonitos que sabes que te van a gustar, como tender buttons, asa irons & swann miller o castlemusic

foto: jula mint

Friday, November 11, 2011


glowstone • todo está bien, todo va a estar bien [self release, 2011]

listen | download

las grabaciones caseras molan. son cercanas y reales. como el viento en la cara, como el pío de las aves o la mirada de tu gato o gata preferida ^.^

fotola: el nejo

Sunday, November 06, 2011

mazzy star

la sirena de sirenas aparece de nuevo, imposible no sentirse conejo tentado con una zanahoria. pasarán los años, los estilos, pero a su voz siempre iremos corriendo, en bata y zapatillas si hace falta.


Thursday, November 03, 2011

following the sun

va ~ following the sun (november 2011)

01. kentucky moonshiner ~ bill staines
02. cantina crawl ~ toby burke
03. baby where you are ~ ted lucas
04. lady with the braid ~ dory previn
05. lady blue ~ trevor swadling
06. the road is hard ~ graham davies
07. south someday ~ edgar wappenhalter
08. sunny california theme ~ michael james tapscott
09. how to collect branches ~ je suis le petit chevalier
10. prizewinning ~ julianna barwick
11. alpine valley shelter point ~ food pyramid
12. sea bed meditation ~ jürgen müller
13. crickets sing for ana maría ~ walter wanderly
14. siberian girls ~ monster rally
15. long time before this ~ jim guthrie, sarah harmer & bry webb
16. voice of god ~ castlemusic & wyrd visions
17. hey moon ~ john maus
18. violet ~ moonshine moonshine
19. stagnant water ~ shipwrecks
20. gardenfull ~ theo angell
21. under the sun ~ mia doi todd
22. wendy bird ~ haley bonar
23. fly eye ~ wizard oz
24. sa sa samoa ~ korallreven with julianna barwick
25. nature is a song ~ sister irene o'connor
26. guaglione ~ marino marini

otro año más, happy birthday maicropóns!