microphones in the trees: April 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011


sunhiilow ~ from there to here (digital release 2011)

"Sunhiilow is a solo project by Valérie Magisson, telling stories about echoes and odd imaginations from the lost cultures..exploring landscapes of tribal pulse and mythic lullabies."

art: ernst haeckel

tenemos una palabra para canciones como captala says: gloriosa!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


"Ashan music is a new channel being explored by sean conrad, previous explorer of gkfoes vjgoaf. Ashan is to be a place for healing, loving, and openness. the music of Ashan is to be given and received with an open heart. it is teaching from 'the gentle way', the way of Ashan. i would love to share these sounds with you anywhere: in the forest, on the beach, in a house, in the street, wherever feels right... i am currently based in melbourne, australia. but i will be doing a gkfoes vjgoaf tour in america this july with Wyld Wyzrdz. feel free to get in touch. namaste." gentle ways

veinte minutos de felicidad

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


 tsembla ~ fauna (ikuisuus 2011)

"The Turku-based Marja Johansson aka Tsembla use traditional acoustic and electric instrumentation to create oddly affecting folk miniatures that combine the scrabbly forest-folk sound of Kuupuu, Lau Nau, with nostalgic keyboards and variously displaced sonics." volcanic tongue

"Decay and copulation rites flourish around a trash raft that fish take for a coral reef. The sun blinds your eyes, but you can see a figure there... And in the desert, wind, erosion and echoes work the surroundings of Poly Styrene’s ex-hang-out, an oasis filled with lively people and empty beer cans. Ornamental carpets and fresh water, too. There it is again! It’s Tsembla playing her modified samples, strings, reeds, percussion and the whole range of modern psych instruments to create fiestas with strong twists of pop music. Sounds old and new and like nothing you’ve ever heard before." n~m

"...this is perfect music for those staring at the sun" flow festival

fotos: sara gossett

Monday, April 25, 2011


"Our first collaborative creation. Peaceful, loving grooves. Recorded live on a few farms in New Zealand in November and December 2010. We’d love to share this with you." Sean & Rosa ~ Sean Conrad/Gkgoes Vjgoaf

album art by sean conrad

Sunday, April 24, 2011

wind in willows

"Republic of Karelia's very own Anton Filatov is presenting his debut release. This young man lives on the outskirts of Petrozavodsk, basically right in the forest. When he's not busy studying physics and astronomy he composes mellow soundscapes with synths and guitars. He utilizes quite a variety of other sources, too: birdsongs, tape loops, delay wobble. Filled with gentle chords and easy sinewaves this tape is a perfect soundtrack for relaxation. Come here and rest. Spray-painted cassettes, textured blue vellum J-cards. Edition of 50. " full of nothing

foto: hoy joy

'come here and rest'

Sunday, April 17, 2011

hearing is believing

01. giving is receiving ~ gkfoes vjgoaf
02. thin thread ~ love cult
03. traume ~ emtidi
04. free your energy field ~ high wolf
05. like glass ~ charlatan
06. jackdaws ~ joshua abrams
07. at the top of bear hill ~ quinta
08. sun bum ~ monster rally
09. endless spring ~ houses
10. new birds ~ sky stadium
11. throw my ashes from this pier ~ sonny & the sandwitches
12. the festival ~ marmalade mountain & tasche de la rocha
13. seedling ~ sproatly smith
14. if i never touch you ~ cap'n jack
15. i'm sad and i'm lonely ~ derroll adams
16. she's an easy rider ~ tucker zimmerman
17. lips of a different kind ~ theo angell
18. holy man ~ wilcox, sullivan, wilcox
19. is there anything left to say ~ pawned pajamas
20. roll car roll ~ cap'n jack
21. edward gorey ~ mont smokey
22. h'ain ~ ocelote rojo
23. untitled ~ quicksails
24. with you, lord ~ bill quick
25. untitled #1 ~ ocelote rojo
26. sic corp marenc ~ monks of the balhill
27. let it be new ~ shelley burgon
28. yarn and milk ~ mont smokey
29. i couldn't believe it was true ~ willie nelson
30. i'm losing myself ~ robin pecknold & ed droste
31. fire ~ sister irene o'connor
32. de da de dum ~ pip proud

Saturday, April 16, 2011

dead drums

"A slow motion trip into a flooded city for fun. Extended stay in the bubbles, the surges of white wash, the drowning neon gashes. We wanted to believe there would always be this white light. It faded and got more beautiful." bathetic records / dead drums

Thursday, April 14, 2011

stephen molyneux

"...last year Stephen Molyneux (Horsehair Everywhere) was living in Thailand. Riding around on motorbikes, running through the jungle, playing noise shows at Bangkok art spaces, going on visa-renewing border-crossing adventures, all while the Red Shirts were stirring up more and more intense political unrest. On one of his excursions through Battambang & Siem Reap provinces in Cambodia, Molyneux made these field recordings on cassette. Expect “distant ancient rites of dawn, village sounds recorded from bicycle baskets, ensemble street performances,and wedding party music echoing through the ballroom of an abandoned mansion”. Edition of 40 pro-dubbed / imprinted red tapes with a cover photo taken in Bospo Village, Battambang by the artist." no kings

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

secret birds

"Mind-altering drone and psychedelic noise journeys here by Brisbane, Queensland native D. Black aka Secret Birds, currently residing in Tokyo, who returns with his sophomore full-length Peace Forest later this month. The four-track cassette is a breathless exploration into meandering soundscapes made up of distorted guitar drones, heavy layers of synth and restless, tropical drum machine trances, somewhere between Sun Araw, High Wolf and Ducktails, according to the artist “inspired by night rides around Shibuya“. Hot and sultry these nights were, we assume. The tape is absolutely mesmerizing stuff from start to finish. Highly recommended." no fear of pop

tons of luck to dan with his label bon voyage, "the label specialises short-run limited editions, taking in psychedelia, lo-fi, noise, avant-pop and everything good that defies definition,
from Australia and across the sea"
check it out!

fotola: reuben wu