microphones in the trees: May 2009

Sunday, May 31, 2009

a paw in my face

01. juniper ~ caracoles
02. coming home part I ~ big blood
03. red apples ~ kurt vile
04. up in the building ~ mi and l'au
05. canyon loop ~ the ten thousand things
06. aloop ~ beggin' your pardon miss joan
07. castles ~ amen dunes
08. some strange rain ~ cotton jones
09. rain on ~ woods
10. philly arbiter-almost known ~ willie lane
11. exit twilight ~ ilyas ahmed
12. hard travellin' ~ rambling boys
13. distant man ~ red river dialect
14. biggest lie of all (kath bloom cover) ~ the dodos
15. look down fair moon ~ arborea
16. coming home part II ~ big blood
17. higher than the end ~ twi the humble feather
18. hello lou ~ these trails
19. gone the bells ~ cotton jones
20. a safe place ~ animal hospital
21. down from above ~ vetiver
22. leaf ~ a wooden door
23. little kirby blues ~ arbore

Thursday, May 28, 2009

todo flota

Frida: Me dan miedo las huellas.
Mamá: ¿Por qué?
Frida.: Porque no veo a nadie.


foto: coquinete

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


"High altitude glass ceiling echoes over low canopy woodland daze via wind, string, and buried vox. Perfect for misty morning tent warp and disappearing acts. And there's a bonus track this time around." housecraft

"The barest music can sometimes be the most beautiful. Just like Meursault last year, "V" delivers something truly exceptional from what seems at first to be very little. There are rippling pools of sweet melody here, with spaces in between to absorb the effects and the surrounding harmonies. It doesn't take long for you to be silenced by this delightful music." noiseisafriend

foto: gling-go

Saturday, May 23, 2009

amen dunes

"A lot of crazy shit can happen to a man when he goes solitary in a ramshackle Catskill Mountain home for an extended stretch of time-especially for a city kind of guy. But if Amen Dunes's 12 tracker Dia is one possible outcome of the guy alone-in-a-cabin- story, then a little tape saturated brain frying is something we should all live comfortably with because this is a batch of seriously raw & inspired loner psych grit. That was 2006. These days the lone wolf behind Amen Dunes, Damon McMahon, calls a small two room apartment overlooking the Temple of Earth in North-Central Beijing home, where he watches old men fly kites and sing opera every morning. Who knows what'll come out of that." locust
hoy es un buen día para recordar a greg ashley, valerio sartori, cherry blossoms, kurt vile...a través de amen dunes. como ellos, dia transmite algo especial, atemporal (sobre todo a partir de 'patagonian domes'), algo absolutamente maravilloso

Friday, May 22, 2009

master musicians of bukkake

"...Like a reverse dark side of the new age sound, on the Totem series Master Musicians of Bukkake perform ritualistic electric excursions into the outer and inner reaches. Relying more on the electric power of psyched guitars, analog synth chants, and exotic heavy percussion. Totem one echos with the delusions of a West Coast Death cult. Outer spaced Gamelan, dusty fuzz rock from celestial deserts, meditations of a deranged Krishna gathering, and the Blurry acoustic guitar majesty of The Cascade mountains all reveal themselves here in epic form On Totem One. Every sound and note played put to tape by a group with a singular purging purpose. Totem one also features Vocals By Master Musicians of Bukkake honorary member Alan Bishop of the Sun City Girls...." conspiracy records
foto: *dahu*

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

willie lane

"Lane is best known for his work with Matthew Valentine and Erika Elder and the one cd he dropped on Child Of Microtones is a regular late-night bomb at volcanic tongue. Known Quantity expands on the eerie 3am raga guitar sound of that particular side, with a series of solo guitar setting that run across 6 and 12 string acoustic, electric guitar, banjo and dulcimer with a guest appearance from Samara Lubelski on bass. There’s a heady Spectrasound feel to the recordings, a still, urban quality that isn’t a million miles from the Siltbreeze aesthetic but it’s the playing that really raises this above the countless post-Fahey/Rose/Valentine sides set on sinking six string euphorics with polished technique and nada in terms of vision. Lane’s style is weird, non-linear, spider-slow and hypnotic." volcanic tongue

foto: sharon tingley

Thursday, May 07, 2009

james blackshaw

"...his first Young God album, “The Glass Bead Game”, continues Blackshaw’s hot streak that has stretched for four or five years now. This one has five longish to epic tracks, two of which feature Blackshaw on piano, a development of the work he initiated on “Litany Of Echoes”….The sound this time is a little fuller, a little more orchestrated, a little further away from the folk/Takoma school tag he was first saddled with, but his grace-filled compositional style remains more or less consistent...gorgeous, pensive...an extraordinary album" john mulvey

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

the savage young taterbug

"couldn't be more excited about this one, first offering from the smoked out styles of Iowa City's very own Savage Young Taterbug. teenage road warrior, dead head punk, perma triped wanderer, Taterbug lays down his tape collaged world of free flowing Americana psych bliss. little bells, dustbowl ballad guitars, stand by me youth cult dreams, and Manson family mind fucks, its all here, even hope for a better tomorrow and a positive spirit for today which can say alot in these droned out wasted times. let the light inside yr skull." night people

Saturday, May 02, 2009

second family band

"it's a dirty new age and we are set in our ways. ingest these two crunchy jams." second family band

"the first side, "taking cloud mountain", has some steady tribal style drumming, using the pulse as a nice means of keeping things moving along without overtly grabbing onto any cliched sound sources. second side's called "return of the native", and this time around the band opt for some darker territories while still tending the same field of drumming pulses and synth riffery..." ear conditioned nightmare

"Clay Ruby of Davenport / Burial Hex. A mix of Davenport's clattering percussion and primitive synth pulsing. " boa melody bar

Friday, May 01, 2009

anla courtis / aaron moore

"If only all postal collaborations sounded as alive as this one, Anla Courtis (Reynols) and Aaron Moore (Volcano The Bear) have put together beautifully organic effort for No-Fi. The most important characteristic of the album is the scintilla of sunlight-drifting dust that settles over Brokebox Juke, the kind of barely there unifier that makes this lp seem like a real-time recording. From the fly-tipping pastoral charm of “One” to the duo-do-four-piece krautypsych of “Seven” Courtis/Moore have created finely-formed and textured arrangements across the record. Junk grooves, trumpet parts and acoustic guitar notes are layered like cross-fire breezed melodies from open studio windows looking out on city streets and open fields, this manages to be one of the most engaging, and naturalistic collaborations in recent years, and these guys didn’t even meet! Imagine one piece of gatefolded vinyl that is the summation of everything the Last Visible Dog label has ever promised to deliver. This is it. 9/10" foxy digitalis