microphones in the trees: February 2009

Friday, February 27, 2009


drunjus - zone grown cassette (pizza night 2009)

"New fresh est tapee from Drunjus. Dense, primordial mud-drones and clammy earth-synth from this unit that features Clay Ruby and various members of the Davenport cultus. “Sounds like the tropics meet Wisconsin ” volcanic tongue

'Zone Grown' is a pretty deep wade through some pea-soup drone, and ends with this killer 1950 sci-fi computer processing peak. the ship is on auto and ready for docking...

The Flip side 'Porch Approach' is one of many recordings from this summers 'Dream Porch' sessions. Fair weather sundays outside on the porch 114 N. Brearly st. soaking it in and sending out. I think the neighboors even drop by for a visit. The time spent decompressing before entering the earths atmosphere after time away, can seem far longer than it actually may be. Of course, this makes the final arrival all that much better..."

Sunday, February 22, 2009


"Guanaco create simple song structures based around repetition, drones and vocal melody driven by the odyssey and the everyday. This is simple trance blues..."
"I was once asked why I started the label & I said it was to "release the dust wind tales of bands & individuals to the people who need to hear...". Well believe me people you need to hear Guanaco. Lex Panayi creates beautiful sound scapes that float in and out of your head, trapping you in their way. You will not want to let go once you get hooked on these trance blues...
Spray painted 3" cdr packaged in a clear pvc case together with a cover featuring some amazing artwork by Vanessa Panayi. Includes a small hand numbered insert. (Edition of 40) dust wind tales
The first 10 copies come with two bonus tracks (including Skylla's Wrath)...

Saturday, February 21, 2009


"Anahita is Tara Burke (Fursaxa) and cellist Helena Espvall (Espers). Tara recently showed up on Important as part of the duo of Tau Emerald with Sharron Kraus while Helena contributed a beautiful piece to the James Blackshaw currated Garden Of Forking Paths compilation. Anahita is a beautiful, laboriously created and floating affair of skeletal organ drones, ceremonial singing and subtly frantic instrumental accompaniment conjuring up a natural woodland romp and stomp.
The album was recorded between 2005 and 2008. All tracks were recorded on a 4 track by Tara and Helena in their homes." important

larga vida a tara burke

Friday, February 20, 2009

second family band

"By 2002, many volk had gathered 'round and beat the bounds within the walls and yards of the Tomb. Many musical stories were born, such as The Davenport Family, The Grass Magic, Thee Botanical Shrine Band, Zodiac Mountain, All Do Gather, Organon, Candiru, The Crowned and Conquering Children, A Mercury Ensemble, Orthodox Blood Orchestra, The Midwestern Mudslide Hootenanny and Free Pentecostal Family Jams, Outlet, Jesus Balls, Mirror Man and th' Oshun Oxtra, as well as dozens of unnamed gatherings. These events have resulted in hundreds of hours of recorded musik and the tapes continue to pile up as most of us still live and work and play together. So now we have christened the advent of the Second Family, our new and unified banner for all of these our ancient (and future) rites. Peace, -=z.::.w=-"
Freeeeeeeee Jams

Thursday, February 19, 2009


"Full Color comes in Heavy Weight Vinyl Sleeve with paper inner sleeve. Artifactual insert art affixed to sleeve and handcut to geologic proportions by John from Sunburned. Get it from Father Yod/Ecstatic Yod Collective"
Michael Curtis Hilde, a.k.a Mountainhood is an american singer, songwriter, and visual artist. Prior to performing and recording as Mountainhood, Hilde was at various times known as Almaden, Almaden Wood, or Almaden Wood and the Transplendence XIV. Though style and genre shift from album to album, it has been written that "This is introverted music played as the blues should be."

Sunday, February 15, 2009


"This is Ø +yn (puede prununciarse omasín u ómásín u o + in u omas omasin o +in o+yn omasin también): a group formed by Gustavo Valerga, María Victoria Arener, Pablo Picco and César Young. Four people from different parts of the country mixed together in Córdoba.

Recorded in 2007 and mixed this year, ¨La canción del ciempiés¨ comes from the same recording sessions of ¨Copa de un árbol sin raíz¨.

Vocals are mostly throat singing by María Victoria, Gustavo makes all the guitar walls, César does the drumming and Pablo the keyboards & flutes. Spectral melodies in second track ¨Quise ser búho¨, sung by the special quest, our friend Gubia from Ecuador. Long minutes of electric static after some thick guitar and keyboard barriers, mixed with tons of voices, just to uncannily land in some woods near home, calmly hypnotized by some hand made stick flutes. We like folk, we like drone, we like to hit electric guitars, we like overtone singing and we like the trees that cover us at night. Just sit back there and enjoy the music from the heart of the centipede." Ø +yn

foto: daytrips

Saturday, February 14, 2009

he in the sun

01. soil - claypipe
02. clè elum - fursaxa
03. harhailua - hannu
04. circling - the blithe sons
05. sleep - guanaco
06. over the garden - beggin' your pardon miss joan
07. the wolf also shall dwell with the lamb - brethren of the free spirit
08. the sun falls - barn owl
09. chestnut vistas - the golden oaks
10. mennaan ajelulle - joose keskitalo
11. the colour of the day - claypipe
12. elegia - quilapayun
13. atlas - these wonderful evils
14. the dirty south - fern knight
15. tiktaalik - scott tuma
16. every path - alela diane
17. the hungry stones - mv & ee with the golden road
18. lectric 'lashes - big blood & visitations
19. chloe - zak riles
20. spirit roundup - the goner
21. what are we - sal paradise
22. espantoso - el oso goloso
23. ross creek wander - matthew de gennaro
24. elephant clouds - the cave singers
feliz cumpleaños mr indisoluble, este recopilatorio es por y para ti :o)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sunday, February 08, 2009

topaz rags

"Topaz Rags is a new late night downer trio devoted to mapping these sour times and long goodbyes. this is their debut vinyl release featuring members of pocahaunted and robedoor. 2 sides of bleak piano and post-beatnik ruin. in hand-silkscreened sleeves with die-cut backs. edition of 250." nnf

Thursday, February 05, 2009

bill callahan

jim cain
my friend
the wind and the dove

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


"...my stepfather, Robley Wilson, is an amazing poet, and a wonderful man. i wanted him to understand how important his words are to me, but also to collaborate with him, so i rearranged/adapted one of his poems to music. but there's also this deep cavern within me that is constantly trying to figure out manhood, my own and everyone else's. and so i thought i'd try to articulate that cave with "The Pleasures of Manhood." clare hubbard en foxy digitalis

"Caethua is Clare Hubbard, traveling songstress, multi-instrumentalist, and general exceptional artist and person. On the Pleasures of Manhood Clare gives tribute to her stepfather poet Robley Conant Wilson on this elegant tape of reverb soaked folk gems. One of Night-Peoples highest fidelity and most considered releases yet, The Pleasures of Manhood, has an uplifting but somber side that allows the feeling of Clare’s excellent vocals and playing to shine through." night people

Monday, February 02, 2009

antique brothers

"This album was conceived in the cold unforgiving days between the end of 2006 and the start of 2007. My brother and I were together in the land we grew up in for the first time in almost a year. We improvised acoustic duets, and over the next year, built a record around them. I like to think the spirit of our Mother was present during these sessions. Our Father was present in body as well as spirit. We thank him for opening his doors and heart to us, as he has done time after time since we have both left home on our own roads." antique brothers
foto: amalia ulman