microphones in the trees: June 2009

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

teeth mountain

"A seven-piece jam crew comprised of 2-3 odd drum kits, sax, clarinet, mixer drones, electric guitar, a pile of pedals, various voices, and probably other unknown mystery junk, they straddle a fine, fucked up line between carefully orchestrated rhythmic psychedelia and total drum-circle-damaged freeform freak-sprawl...Two all-new sides of artfully interwoven live recordings encompassing all the band’s best moods: outsider world scorch, jittery horn ragas, basement attack trance, etc. Raw and real and alive as life." nnf

"...Baltimore collective Teeth Mountain weave a mighty tapestry of hypnotic tribal rhythms and experimental John Cale-esque violin scratches. 'Live On' is an onslaught of syncopated drum rhythms that dominate the mix that also includes plenty of guitar drone ambience, strange feedback episodes and some sounds I couldn't possibly identify..." normanrecords

cara a a partir del minuto 4:45, cara b de principio a fin y en especial lo que ocurre a partir del minuto 8:35...ay

Monday, June 29, 2009

high wolf

"For some reason unexpected pleasures are superior to the expected variety, at least 9 times outta 10. And so it was when we happened upon the dizzy/fizzy music of French loop enthusiast High Wolf for the first time, regarding whom we had zero preconceived notions. Cheers to open minds/ears then, cause the High Wolf audio worldview is weird and wobbly and one that should appeal to all lovers of tripped out, swelter-zone equatorial electronics. Animal Totem is High Wolf’s debut release, and it piles wavy, tranced keyboard melodies one on top of the other into a pulsing ritual heap of colored smoke. Elsewhere he slips in sunset fuzz-guitar lines and temple meditation tones and even dangles down some flanger-flecked synthetic percussion like a bunch of mellow yellow bananas. Take a look up/down/all-around. Overall it’s a rich, ripe rumble in the escapist-psych jungle." nnf

sun araw meets bird show meets pocahaunted

foto: harley v w

(thanks to weedtemple for the upload)

Sunday, June 28, 2009


"Sacramento's Ganglians want an island somewhere where they can soak in the sun and prowl the canopy by night. It's not often that they do get out, but they can get down for that. Recording sometimes as one, sometimes as four it's a real game to figure out where the entity comes from and where it's going. First and foremost it's about uncertain pleasures. It's a bit like choose your own adventure. There's "codeine balladry"; a slightly upsetting tempo that is quickly flushed into an aural high, the next moment you're in the toy strewn abyss of the bedroom and then out to the tribal caves of the natives. The planets align and the sun beats down, palms tingling, and you are on the island they've built, the scenery constantly shifting for a better view, of you." woodsist

Friday, June 26, 2009


«Subterranean valleys and peaks, showcasing the duality of chaos and order, cobbled beats overlaid with environmental recordings and slightly arrhythmic acoustics. Personal yet ethereal, places where memories are made, only to decay or change, subtly but significantly, over time. A travel-friendly atmosphere, a little melancholy and homesick, but excited for different frontiers. (9/10)» foxy digitalis

«Tenho para mim, sinceramente, que cada novo disco dos Dopo deve ser seguido de forte comemoração; pela energia - interior e exterior; pelo espírito criativo; um pouco por tudo. Infelizmente, esta é também uma viagem que termina aqui. “Blue Lands” é o documento final de uma aventura sonora iniciada algures pelo ano de 2004. Mas para já, e depois de discos sempre surpreendentes como “Last Blues, To Be Read Someday”, “For the Entrance of the Sun” ou “Crossing Birds” os Dopo deixam-nos com este “Blue Lands”. Belíssimo. Como sempre, são momentos de interior diversão, criativos, são momentos de intensa exploração ambiental, de vivências. Às vezes triste, outras vezes não, sempre Dopo. É pena!» a trompa

podéis descargarlo gratis en test tube

Thursday, June 25, 2009

not content


en not content me han dicho que ojalá supieses lo buena fotógrafa que eres, ¡¡enhorabuena!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

sun araw

sun araw - heavy deeds lp (not not fun 2009)

"*Blue Vinyl* Sun Araw - and the Not Not Fun label in general for that matter - are becoming ever more essential with each release. Heavy Deeds is the latest dubbed-out, tropical psych missive from this far-out collective, featuring an increasingly mature approach to experimental queasiness, which on this occasion is reminiscent of fellow solar travellers Sunburned Hand Of The Man knocking heads together with Sun Ra. There's some incredible wah-wah funk to be found here, jostling amongst a barrage of synapse-frazzling sound effects, clunking semi-tribal rhythms and gospel drone. And it's housed in another killer sleeve to boot..." boomkat

foto: hoy joy

Saturday, June 20, 2009

roots #1

"suffering should be creative, should give birth to something good and lovely"
roots bloody roots

entrada número 666 (glups!) del blog, ocasión perfecta para recordar el de dónde venimos. aquí abajo un puñado de canciones de aquellas que tras oirlas en el walkman lo cambiaron todo. cualquiera diría que éstas son nuestras raíces cuando ahora mismo perdemos los papeles a golpe de cuenco tibetano. ¡¡¡pero cómo no iban a serlo!!!, tantos años después y siguen poniéndonos los pelos de punta, las manos como cuernos y la cabeza como una lavadora. sí, también fuimos jevis aunque no llevásemos melena, vaqueros ajustados, botines y caminásemos dando botes. además, una cosa está clara, pocas cosas en nuestra vida son más auténticas que un jevi nostálgico. pena de haberme deshecho de las camisetas, hoy necesitaría la de sepul para mover la leña con más brío, aúpa ahí!

01. dead embryonic cells ~ sepultura
02. new world order ~ ministry
03. blackened ~ metallica
04. antisocial ~ anthrax
05. wasted years ~ iron maiden
06. scum ~ napalm death
07. walk ~ pantera
08. rock the vote! ~ carcass
09. thunder kiss '65 ~ white zombie
10. anger ~ downset
11. one inch man ~ kyuss
12. sour grapes ~ descendents
13. turbo lover ~ judas priest
14. are you ready (for some darkness) ~ turbonegro
15. pretend that we're dead ~ L7
16. body count's in the house ~ body count & ice t
17. perdón por vivir ~ hamlet

Friday, June 19, 2009


"After several name changes and a couple of musical rebirths, the dust has settled and Wrugs prevail. Kyle Poff, one of the founders, and old college peer of mine, sent me this teaser of an EP. Coming in at just over 8 minutes, I'm teleported for a very short time into a native land where the cannibals give you coffee and ask you about your favorite colors. They want to get to know you. I mean, really know you." test pilots

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


"We've been a fan of Pefkin's delicate dreamscapes for a long time, and as such we're immensely proud to be able to present Zugunruhe. With its combination of processed guitar, free-form percussion, haunting vocals and analogue electronics, Zugunruhe is a beautiful collection of tracks that walks that ever-narrowing path between pop songs and pure abstraction." sound & fury
porque atrapa, mece, convence, susurra, hechiza e incluso asusta... special. gayle brogan aka pefkin es sin duda de las damas que hacen música preferidas... y lo mejor de 'zugunruhe' es que aún se puede comprar :)
foto: jos van wunnik

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


"A blues/folk/soul inspired combination of improvised sessions. Natalie Alyse lends her lovely voice to assorted grooves, Robert Magill adds some death-folk and the rest weave a psychedelic soul."

"Dreamcolour reflects a collective of musicians from Ventura County, California. The concept is to heal and lift the spirits and souls of human beings from all walks of life, with the fiery expression of collective free improvisation. We aim to bring back the trance-inducing vibrations, frequencies and rhythms used by the ancient shamans and spiritual healers of the past, but also to experiment with and incorporate the scientific advances of the present and future, relating music as a direct pathway to the human spirit and as a healing force in the universe." dreamcolour

talento colorudo por dentro y por fuera: la mayoría de sus portadas son de hoy joy (caracoles, marlene, la mar...)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

black flowers

black flowers - i grew from a stone to a statue (bo'weavil 2009)

"The music references repeatedly the cyclical nature of life, in both the form and the lyrics. "I've seen them all rise and fall." With that, the inevitable break in the cycle. "For the Lord knows who must die." Another reminder to live in the now. And this is what it sounds like." bo'weavil


foto: arbore

tiny vipers

"Isolate yourself, cover your head with a snug pair of headphones, turn off all the lights, and light a candle. It’s the best way to listen to Life on Earth, Tiny Vipers’ sophomore album. Jesy Fortino, the one-woman wonder behind Tiny Vipers, is an unassuming young songwriter. She huddles over her guitar and avoids eye contact with her audience, but her thoughts are revealed through song. The Seattle-based musician relishes in a certain simplicity in her old folk tunes, and the shimmering emptiness of her haunting voice and stark picking of guitar say a lot without overwhelming. Fortino recorded Life on Earth in an analog studio in Austin, Texas...Yet the album as a whole is sadly beautiful, a trap of ghostlike webs that carries you to a dark, timeless place." danielle
"Tiny Vipers is Jesy Fortino, a musician living in Seattle. Since her last and first album, 2007’s Hands Across the Void, she has been back and forth across Europe, on tours into and through the United States, transfixing audiences into a solemn hush. Transcending the mere folk tag, Fortino draws from disparate inspirational sources, from the avant-garde or from country musician Townes Van Zandt..." sub pop

Monday, June 08, 2009


"To quickly address the elephant in the room - certainly, collections of demos, outtakes and home recordings are mostly bogus, but obviously you're reading this, so obviously I've somehow been coerced into releasing this batch of tunes, and you've bought it or stolen it or borrowed it or gotten a promo or whatever, so let's cut to the chase. In my defense, all of the cuts contained herein are 'songs' in the traditional western sense - my experiments in "surf harmonica" and "doom zydeco" will not be chronicled here, deep and plentiful as those archives may be...You've already pardoned the narcissism, now pardon the cliche: I stand behind these songs as snapshots" and enjoy them despite their many flaws. I hope you do, too." The Wand, Nashville

es tan bonito y perfecto que no puedo destacar nada, o sí... lady of situations ('it might be too late to smile and turn when she smiles on you, it might be too late to paint the bottom of your boat blue'), all these generous men (con la preciosa voz de su mujer, jexie lynn), trails (los coros de jexie...), urchins (los coros de Jexie...), saturday delivery (james corea mirando al cielo mientras rasca su pierna como si fuera una guitarra...)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009