microphones in the trees: August 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

monster rally

"This is potentially the most leisurely release of the year...Monster Rally is the brainchild of Cleveland, Ohio’s Ted Feighan. Piecing together vinyl samples of yesteryear’s chillest as if recalling a story, Monster Rally is all about loopy, fun collages that come to life as their own entities. As a nostalgic past glistens through each jam, you cannot shake the feeling that there is a full band playing; you can feel the spirit of long-lost souls letting their internal light shine through each carefree note. It is a testament to avid sample-collectors and space is the place-ers alike..." zen tapes

"Monster Rally sent over Crystal Ball, a collection of loop-based material that was recorded “in an unbelievably hot attic” during the Palm Reader sessions of July 2010. It’s intriguing to hear him work with more vocal-heavy samples with this record, which almost serves as a primer for the rest of his catalog. You can pick your price for these tropics on his bandcamp for a limited time only" dipped in dollars

"...Ted Feighan creates an atmosphere that’s light, fun, sand between the toes fresh. It’s hip-hop, stylistically lo-fi, and Beach Boy madness. Really takes the mind off of nonverbal postures that elicit dominant interviewing techniques and puts me on the beach hoping to catch a sunset." 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

je suis le petit chevalier

"This prolific triple-threat talent (artist, writer and musician) from Belgium has graciously allowed No Kings to handle 42 minutes of her chance operation / intuitive sound collage work, after a myriad of releases on such underground institutions as Digitalis, Stunned, and Kaugummi. “Discovering Mathematics II” is warm, spacious, and immersive, and is treated with the same emphasis on process, openness and relationships between elements as her visual art..." no kings

"Je Suis le Petit Chevalier a.k.a. Félicia Atkinson is in your dreams. Her latest output lies peaceably at rest, with long willowy swathes of synth feedback, barely discernable utterances, saturated synth strings, pan-fried electric guitar treatments, diaphonous kitchen sink clatter--all flooding the long hall of consciousness with a tank of vicks vabor rub and a barrel of absinthe. Be at peace and try not to move too much and you may just start to float up into the ether yourself." impose magazine

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

guanaco ±

 "A new Guanaco ± tape has surfaced on Sweat Lodge Guru Records. ‘Ardea Cinerea’ is a 4 track e.p put together in the early stages of the year." lex panayi

"An absolutely stunning set of songs, shades and threads of color arranged in an impeccable and dense tapestry of sound. Bedroom psych for those who travel while sitting stationary between four walls. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed cassettes with vellum inserts." sweat lodge guru

Monday, August 15, 2011


"Subtitled Music For Water Borne Disease, these instrumental tracks wind like a river through far eastern modes and southwestern reverb. Multi-instrumentalist Jakob Rehlinger layers bowed strings, Romanian lap harp and gourd flute over fuzzy psyche-guitar and ethnic percussion, bells and gongs vaguely woven together by Taoist mysticism and modern day beards... ritual chants and soft-spoken tales about death and small woodland animals." arachnidiscs

Sunday, August 14, 2011


"Cankun will honour Hands in the Dark Records of its very first album release with its "Ethiopian Dreams" full length. The beach, idle, psychedelic melodies, piña coladas, burning hot sand, exotic rhythms, a blazing sun, an enchanting voice..." hands in the dark

"Here's a side-wack to the head from Archers by the Sea and Monks of the Balhill guru Vincent Caylet, called Cankun. Think of Ethiopian Dreams as a chorus of guitars that specialize in sparkly hi-end fragments and tell tale elements of drug music: shimmering psych texture, odd harmonic sense, gently lilting beats looping ad infinitum...Cankun will get you high off the glitter" impose

Saturday, August 13, 2011

cannibal movie

"Cannibal Movie is a sub genre of exploitation films made mostly by Italian filmmakers through the 1970s and 1980s. This sub genre is a collection of graphically gory movies that usually depict cannibalism by primitive, Stone-age natives deep inside the Asian or South American rain forests.
Cannibal Movie is also a duo from south of Italy, exponents of new rising Italian avant-garde music scene.
They play drums and a old italian organ and their sound is a mix of obscure psychedelia, hypnotic tribalism and ecstatic magic tunes." sound of cobra

"Incredibly promising debut release from Italian organ and drums duo, Cannibal Movie, whose membership includes super-continental soundmaker, and Sturmundrugs honch, Donato Epiro and Gaspare Microwave With Marge / Lemming Records. This also marks a fine start for the brand new, Berlin-based Sound of Cobra label.
Cannibal Movie deal in heavy hypno-psych pound, with plenty of ability to conjure suspense and swing no less. It’s as if Religious Knives went batshit crazy, ate their guitarist, and continued on as a band..." foxy digitalis

foto: ryan mcginley

imposible resistirse al hechizo de avorio, y es que tiene demasiadas cosas que nos gustan..

Monday, August 08, 2011

laughing eye weeping eye

laughing eye weeping eye • where snakes & seers go
[hairy spider legs, 2011]

"Laughing Eye Weeping Eye performances are akin to watching a vaudevillian story-teller in a medieval church gospel singers, gnomes, and goats. Bandmates in this lifetime and gurus in another, Chicagoans Rebecca Schoenecker and Patrick Holbrook create a multi-faceted experience that incorporates harmonium, looped vocals, toy instruments, visuals, and effects. Inspired by folk music and spiritual singing, LEWE creates songbooks for audience members so that they may sing along. On occasion, the bliss of this act has held to singing in tongues." laughing eye weeping eye

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ya está. he encontrado la solución perfecta para ser un personaje de un cuento. en una historia donde las palabras celebración, comunidad, juego, encanto, pócima y paseo dan color a los sonidos que hace que lo irreal sea realidad... es que así suena esto, y mientras más escucho siento que ya me crece una cola, unos lindos cuernos, me comienzo a retorcer, a aplaudir pero sobretodo qué ganas de maullar. miau!

fotola: ana noble