microphones in the trees: September 2011

Friday, September 30, 2011

corazón del tiempo

corazón del tiempo ::: by alerto cortés ::: 2008

“la película Corazón del Tiempo es una ventana que se asoma a ese mundo….para dejarse mirar como son, en una película campesina e indígena que se mete al corazón de un pueblo autónomo y nos muestra que los tiempos en las montañas del sureste mexicano están siendo ya muy otros.” corazón del tiempo

es complicado describir qué esperar de esta peli... por eso no pude evitar poner el trailer, dice más que yo. porque además de ser mexicana y de haber tenido la fortuna de haber estado en un caracol zapatista; hablar de los colores, los paisajes, la fotografía tan natural, tan de chiapas... todo esto emociona de más!... verle es sumergirse en el surrealismo que es méxico. es mirar por un cachito el día a día de una comunidad autónoma zapatista. es admirarse de la resistencia tan productiva que han tenido... otro mundo es posible, dicen... así son las historias de amor.

de la música... todavía traigo erizada la piel al escuchar las letras o al escuchar a niños zapatistas cantar, suena a selva, suena a tierra, suena a un sueño. recuerdo que después del primer viaje que hice a chiapas a una comunidad autónoma en compañía de una gran amiga. no volví a ser la misma. de eso estoy segura. lo mejor de ese viaje fue darme cuenta -gracias a los zapatistas- que aún hay esperanza. si existe gente tan real como ellos o los indígenas en general, hay esperanza. aún la hay me aferro a creer... ahí es donde méxico -tan sólo mencionar la palabra hace que arda la hérida- es el contraste puro. suceden hechos terribles a la vez que magia pura... la peli, los actores, el guión, la música y los sentimientos que emana el verla, hablan de esa otra realidad de otros que comparten este diverso mundo con nosotros... suspiro... la música se grabó en las comunidades zapatistas y los actores son también zapatistas rebeldes... se me salen las lágrimas.

- el director de fotografía marc bellver merece un clap clap de esos lindos
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

lucky luke

"Lucky Luke is the brainchild of folk overlord Simon Shaw and Morag Wilson, Falkirk's hottest librarian. As a two piece they contributed to many compilations with their dreamy folk inspired songs. Now they've grown into a mysterious and constantly evolving sixteen legged beast, with more wood, string, drone and funny noises than should be legally allowed. Their debut, Simon of The Desert, was described as 'enchanting'... They have also recorded a 7" featuring two Shirley Collins covers."
foto: neil krug

Sunday, September 25, 2011

nite lite

"The boys are cut loose and Myste takes up the solo Nite Lite reins on her new peripatetic audio-tour ‘Marlene’. A tribeswoman from the black time of innocence discovers interdimensional gates within Nature. The sounds of forest animals, machines, and people mingle with subtler sounds welling up from the earth’s very core. All vibrations become indiscriminately suspended in her ear, their energies funneled from hidden brain glands into the alchemical chamber of her heart. It is from this activated place of love that ‘Marlene’ is captured, held for a while, then released back into the wild again. Keep your nite lite burning. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c36 tapes with double-sided jcard and insert." stunned

Phil & Myste, creadores del sello Stunned, también hacen maravillas como 'Marlene', field recordings que te transportan a lugares parecidos a los de stephen molyneux y sus grabaciones de campo camboyanas. húmedo, festivo y puro calm in trees que para colmo se llama marlene ^^

out of stock / download 

(thanks to the radiant now for the 320kbps rip and the upload)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

a winged victory for the sullen

"A Winged Victory For the Sullen is the first installment of the new collaboration between Stars of the Lid and The Dead Texan member Adam Wiltzie and composer Dustin OʼHalloran. The duo agreed to leave their normal home studio comfort zone and develop the recordings with the help of large acoustic spaces, and to hunt down a selection of 9ft grand pianos that had the ability to deliver extreme sonic low end. Other traditional instrumentation was used including string quartet, French horn, and bassoon, but always juxtaposed is the sound of drifting guitar washed melodies.
...The final result is seven landscapes of harmonic replicating ingemination. In “Requiem for the Static King Part 1″ they have taken the age old idea of a string quartet and then shot it out a cannon to reveal exquisite new levels of mellow bliss. Of the 13 minute track “Symphony Pathétique,” Wiltzie says “after almost 20 years of struggling to create interesting ambient drone music, I feel like I have finally figured out what I am doing”.
Guest musicians include Icelandic cellist Hildur Gudnadottir and violinist Peter Broderick. A Winged Victory is not a side project. This is the future of the late night record you have always dreamed of." brainwashed/kranky

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

larry sunshine rice

"Top quality official reissue of this wonderful album. This project is a bit different from other Time-Lag reissues, as the original isn't exactly a mega-rarity. That's not to say that they're easy to find, but our motives for the reissue have more to do with the fact that this great LP has been seriously overlooked by so many, and feels very ripe to reach some new ears. This one's got a pretty wild backstory too..." time~lag records

“Sunshine”…a name you will remember, especially if your bag in music is communication. It’s always refreshing to listen to an entertainer these days who does really have summat to say…and this guy Larry “Sunshine” Rice has a lot to talk about. He dabbled in various occupations such as landscaping, house painting and social work. Rice was also instrumental in founding the Satori House, a church mission sponsored by the Presbyterians of north east Texas. “Here’s Sunshine” presents his thoughts and ideas that have come from this well rounded background, like an artist completing his masterpiece.. There is no cluttered background interfering with his messages, no weird soundscapes to pass for talent. Just good old rootsy American folk/country songs. Here is an album you can take home and listen to, over and over again and each time you hear it you hear the simplicity of the songs that I guess is what “Sunshine” does best. Open your mind and let the “Sunshine” in" norman records

Monday, September 19, 2011


"Caethua is the project of Maine residents Clare Hubbard, now collaborating with Andy Neubauer.  As Caethua walks deeper and deeper into the fogged up landscape, they bring with them a Walter Carlos take on baroque tinged psyche folk, and post industrial tinted lenses for which to look through.   With a handful of releases under her belt on a variety of labels, The Summer Is Over is one of Hubbard's most realized works. Eight sonically perfect songs filled with heart-melting vocal melodies, and dream provoking lyrics. Tastefully accompanied by her piano, guitar, saxaphone and well placed soundscapes. She is joined on this record by the multi-instrumentalism of Andy Neubauer (Village of Spaces) who compliments this masterpiece with bass clarinet and cello." turned world

foto: anni leppälä

Sunday, September 18, 2011

wyld wyzrdz

"Braden J. Mckenna is also known as Wyld Wyzrdz and he is definitely some sort of sonic wizard. His sounds are so peaceful and soft and on his cassette “From A Stone” he guides you through places known and unknown. A blissful soundscape leads up to a flowing river, the stars emerge in the sky and you are left to contemplate." suave citation

alegría. excelso, glorioso, tela marinera, de la vida...y todos los adjetivos y expresiones que se nos ocurran. otro de los discos favoritos de este año, otra maravilla de Braden. touching stars!

foto: lukasz wierzbowski

"it will be for sale on cassette and digital download via Inner Islands on 9/26/2011", mientras:

Sunday, September 11, 2011

jonnie common

"He’s an affiliate of Inspector Tapehead, a former member of Down the Tiny Steps, and the sorcerer behind the recent Deskjob compilation, but Glasgow’s Jonnie Common finally takes to the spotlight with Master of None, his debut album – and what a lo-fi electro-folk wonder it is.
From existential casio-pop opener ‘Heir to the Throne’ to kung-fu cantata ‘Hand-Hand’, Master of None showcases Common’s vivid songwriting and production chops. The skewed-pop amble and harmonica swell of ‘Summer Is For Going Places’ is glorious; as is the sci-fi glow of ‘Photosynth’. You’ll forgive us for remarking, then, that Common is unique indeed." The List