microphones in the trees: February 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

high wolf

"Lupine looper and general world-lurker High Wolf has traversed a range of musical micro-terrains over the past half-year and with an upcoming Holy Mountain full-length on the horizon the timing of his inaugural stateside tour this Feb/March seems extra apt. To celebrate the trek we offer up Étoile 3030, a subtle six song zoner-cruise through pulsing gaseous clouds, brainwashed echo percussion, free hypno-fuzz riffing, and wobbly alien bass throbs. Tracks like “Dream Is Good” and “Studio 3” find High Wolf in particularly long-form headspaces, flatlining into innerspace, curlicues of wah burning off like solar flares, trancing with the stars. Live, High Wolf crouch-core craft comes costumed in weirdo ritual drama masks and illusionist cloaks so def bear witness if the chance presents itself..." not not fun

Thursday, February 10, 2011

gkfoes vjgoaf + river spirit dragon

gkfoes vjgoaf • the joy of awakening [inner islands, 2011]

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river spirit dragon • river spirit dragon [inner islands, 2011]

group channeling from
stag hare +
sean conrad (gkfoes vjgoaf) +braden j mckenna (WYLD WYZRDZ)
slow building, always moving. space out.

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photographs by our dear friend sean conrad