microphones in the trees: January 2009

Friday, January 30, 2009

bill callahan

"Look out for "Loving Takes This Course: A Tribute to the Songs of Kath Bloom", due out on Chapter Music on March 14. A tribute album with recordings of Kath's songs by the likes of Bill Callahan, Devendra Banhart, Mark Kozelek, Josephine Foster, Scout Niblett and many more, Loving Takes This Course is a 2cd set, with one disc of covers and one disc of Kath's originals." chapter music

y en primavera nuevo disco de bill: sometimes i wish we were an eagle

foto: juli

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

miles devens

"New limited cassette on The Skaters own New Age imprint presents their first ever non-Skaters related release, a full cassette album from Miles Devens aka Belgian folk-blues loner Ignatz with a bucket full of his more off-the-map creations, all compiled and edited by Spencer Clarke of Skaters/Vodka Soap. Visions of Jandek, Incredible String Band, Comus, Nico, Witthuser and Westrupp, Henry Flynt and John Cale all flit through your brain as this great tape unfolds in drawls of ancient sounding organ, ritual percussion, slow bowed strings and that great narcotic Kosmiche feel that defines everything the Skaters get their hands on." volcanic tongue

miles devens

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

way of the cross

"American/European big band that unites Dave Nuss of The No-Neck Blues Band with Spencer Clark and James Ferraro of The Skaters alongside Jan Anderzen of Kemialliset Ystavat, Jonna from Kuupuu, Stellar Om Source, Mik Quantius from Embryo and Tiitus Petajaniemi and Jari Koho of Uton/Keijo."

foto: andreyrubanov

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


"Continuous fascinating and mysterious vocal harmonies unfolding into raw infinity. This acid-soaked haunting psychedelia truly has no exits. 100 copies." sloow tapes

"Peonies have become a real Melody Bar favourite with previous releases on Time Lag, Blackest Rainbow & House of Alchemy among others. This one is just as special. Two spaced-out lullabies with layered female vocals ushering you to a strange dreamworld and one ragged song that reminds me of Alistair Galbraith. Gorgeous." boa melody bar

foto: harley v w

Sunday, January 18, 2009


"New Lady Garden secretions from Jonna! Two live sets...one recorded at home and the other on John Cavanaghs Soundwave." scumbag relations

"Finnish goddess jonna karanka plays "Home baked freeform folk songs, strange lo-fi loops, vocal drones and psychedelic cut-ups, made using weirdly tuned plucked and strummed strings, bells, clattery percussion, unidentifiable wind instruments, backwards tape loops and a ton of other noisemakers all played and recorded by herself; accompanied by her distinctive voice (often looped and layered) with vocals sung and whispered in her native Finnish language making the whole atmosphere even more haunting and. Kuupuu creates and intimate space where the listener feeks kuje sitting next to her in a small chamber or outside in the woods where she sings a lullaby just for him" dekorder

Friday, January 16, 2009


"I was once asked why I started the label & I said it was to "release the dust wind tales of bands & individuals to the people who need to hear...". Well believe me people you need to hear Guanaco. Lex Panayi creates beautiful sound scapes that float in and out of your head, trapping you in their way. You will notwant to let go once you get hooked on these trance blues...
Spray painted 3" cdr packaged in a clear pvc case together with a cover featuring some amazing artwork by Vanessa Panayi. Includes a small hand numbered insert. (Edition of 40)" dust wind tales
"Guanaco create simple song structures based around repetition, drones and vocal melody driven by the odyssey and the everyday. This is simple trance blues..."

sleep (mp3)

la nueva aventura de Lex de Beggin' Your Pardon Miss Joan se llama Guanaco. además, en su blog hay otra sorpresa en forma de (preciosísima) canción:

over the garden (mp3) ~ beggin' your pardon miss joan

Thursday, January 15, 2009

alela diane

Alela Diane is a real american songwriter. Both flinty and beautiful. She draws from a tradition that might include Sandy Denny and Karen Dalton and she suffers not a jot in comparison” geoff travis
"Alela Diane is a wanderer. I don’t mean just in the idealized sense, that she’s a mythic folkie who prefers the nomadic life, walking from town to town with just her guitar, singing songs for bread and shelter from the storm, but in how, well, unsettled she is. To Be Still shows a naked, stark vulnerability that most songwriters would shy away from. Gosh, is it beautiful.
Thankfully, Diane’s rustic-folk songs aren’t obscured by the arrangement; instead, the song’s gentle backing only makes Diane’s rich, wise-beyond-her-years voice shine even brighter. And it’s her voice that drives the song, that breaks your heart, that’s forced me hit repeat all day. “I was sifting through the piles/ in my hand, a tangled thread/ each patient tug upon the sorrow/ is a glimpse of what has been,” she sings. It’s ok, Alela...we’ve all been there." michael mannheimer
to be still es la mejor forma de despetarse por la mañana, (y un inesperado regalo de cumpleaños para ainhoa: felicidades!;)). banjos y silbidos aislados, canciones nuevas, canciones familiares de sus directos en daytrotter session ahora con una producción más cuidada, y la voz de raymond raposa, siempre tan especial, en 'age old blue'.
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Monday, January 12, 2009

second family band

"Another totally spontaneous, universal sludge jam from Family II (db Pedersen, Iam Lee, Endless, Clay Ruby and Karen Eliot), Jooklo Duo, Peaking Lights, Sam Henry (Plastic Boner Band) and Jason Soliday. All the things you want from all parties involved. fluid improv jams, weird prog moments, and menacing noise. When people come to Wisconsin they just wanna gather round and jam. (cd-r, lovingly hand packaged in envelopes with one-of-a-kind artwork. Limited to 50 copies" earjerk

foto: alecia

mv/ee with the golden road

"real raw 'you are here' sound captured live in the deep tapers pit by number one uk golden road archivist pete coward. this disck is a window into sweet harvests from a handful of shows, most notably an electric "easy livin" eye opener from a back room in brighton from the 'gettin' gone in aquarius' tour, plus a soaked "tea devil" from dylan nyoukis' 'colour out of space festival' as well as a blown out epic "canned happiness" from this years 'golden cherry ball' jam at instal. fasten yr jaw on the big league chew-z "environments" bubble featuring the usual heads (mv/ee/doc dunn/samara/chris davis) along with mick flower, chris corsano, the cherry blossoms and phil todd. child of microtones and ecstatic peace joint release - golden roadies unite!" ecstatic peace

Sunday, January 11, 2009

mv & ee

mv & ee - hick smoke (child of microtones 2008)

"howdy lunar listeners, it's been awhile since a real moonblood Child of Microtones was birthed, so we offer you Child of Microtones 33, mv & ee "hick smoke". mainly recorded at maximum arousal farm in pure analog, this one is limited to 99 copies and comes in a heavy oilboard sleeve with color covers, insert and astral dimensions in spectrasound. ayup, spectrasound. a good new year palette/pallet cleanser for the 'too much is not enough' synapse. hope you all are diggin' the arrival of the capricorn moon. eternal thanx for a great year...
featuring contributions from the golden road (doc dunn/mike smith), jeremy earl (woods), asa irons (feathers, et. al)..."

foto: grandylion

Friday, January 09, 2009

topaz rags

"People in the West blame weird moods on a string of things: the wind (those Santa Anas), the end (of the country), the moon (crescent is cursed), even the movies. But it doesn’t matter which is right/real, because the effect is the same, freaked souls in a trapped environment, lotuses floating on a lake littered with bodies. Topaz Rags is a new late night downer trio devoted to mapping these sour times and long goodbyes, and California Ash is their 2-sided elegy for the Golden State’s darkest ghosts, the rich hills full of fire, the day after the kool-aid. Back-alley bass lines plod under smoky piano shadows, drums stalk a straight line in a house with the power out, a trumpet mourns from a warped 78 spinning in the basement. Wasted, grey, drug jazz lost somewhere between Bohren & Der Club Of Gore and some half-destroyed pre-Portishead demo. Gold-on-white pro-dubbed cassettes in spraypainted cases with doomed hippie chick portrait cover photo and bedecked with a hand-cut shred of neon palm tree fabric. Edition of 100." nnf

Topaz Rags son Amanda (Pocahaunted): drums & vocals; Britt: bass & trumpet y Ash: piano & vocals.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


"Space hymns from deep woods within by Sloow Tapes Bart De Paepe and Golden Roadie Matt Valentine, crawling beyond shredding wah-wah guitars and intoxicating synth, culminating in twisted chouffe raga and porkslap pulse. Reissue of obscure Heroine cd-r, 100 copies." sloow tapes

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

tovah olson & pocahaunted

tovah olson & pocahaunted - tovahaunted lp (tovinator 2008)

"Numbered edition of 200 copies on grey vinyl, already sold out at source. Tovahaunted is of course the perfect description of a particular syndrome that affects awkward fan-boys in the wake of seeing Tovah Olson rocking the bandstand but here it also works as cover for a collaboration between Tovah and Pocahaunted that is one of the darkest and most beautifully fucked recordings to come from either camp. Here they carve whole storms of slow-moving feedback, dragging grunting electronics and black ethereal waves of breath through the kind of narcotic formless environs more associated with uk amplifier fetishists like Ashtray Navigations or Skullflower minus anything approaching a riff or a hook. Excellent." volcanic tongue

second family band

"The ever living theater of Midwestern brethren (formerly casting itself as Davenport Family, Candiru, Zodiac Mountain, The Grass Magic, All Do Gather, A Mercury Ensemble, Orthodox Blood Orchestra, Jesus Balls, etc etc etc,) has birthed it's final phoenix as Second Family Band. Arising here is the first four discs in an on-going documentary anthology, originally intended as an LP series, these cdrs present the material as intended for consumption in the right now. "Wisconsin Gospel" collects unreleased material compiled by Clay Ruby from 10 years worth of gatherings and archival recordings. As always, the groups fearlessly treads through senseless psychedelia, energetic kraut/tribal workouts, ecstatic prayer sessions, and deep analog explorations flush with broken folk gestures and perfect accidents" skulls of heaven

foto: blizrud

Friday, January 02, 2009


"Kosmische Musik from Manchester speaking through hypnotic percussion grooves and splashes of synth delayed into eternity." sloow tapes

"The Somnambulist's Tale from Gnod eases in gently with spoken word passages over a hypnotic keyboard pattern and melodica and builds into a long piece which, at times, evokes Stratos-Fear era Tangerine Dream, only with some large drums (possibly tablas?) along with the synths, leading to something spookily groovy towards the end. Even if you don't normally buy cassette releases, by ignoring this you're missing something rather special. There are only 90 copies and it deserves to be heard by a lot more people than this implies will get to listen to it." boa melody bar
01. castlemusic - you can't take anyone (blue fog 2008)

02. caethua - if the river dries up, i may be gone for a long, long time (saxwand 2008)

03. head of wantastiquet - mortagne (ecstatic yod lp 2008)

04. paavoharju - laulu laakson kukista (fonal 2008)

05. lau nau - nukkuu (fonal 2008)

06. pocahaunted - island diamonds (arbor 2008)

07. bird show - untitled (kranky 2008)

08. stag hare - black medicine music (a. star 2008)

09. rambling boys - pastures of plenty (7'' 2008)

10. beggin' your pardon miss joan - dear nautilus (reverb worship 2008)

11. christina carter - texas working blues (blackest rainbow 2008)

12. kelly nesbit - beaks that could smile (l'animaux tryst 2008)

13. inca ore - birthday of bless you lp (not not fun 2008)

14. cursillistas - thee seven storey mountain (cdr 2008)

15. antique brothers - hot shit (really coastal 2008)

16. pocahaunted - mirror mics lp (weird forest 2008)

17. fursaxa - kobold moon (sylph 2008)

18. spires that in the sunset rise - curse the traced bird (secret eye 2008)

19. valerio cosi - heavy electronic pacific loop (digitalis 2008)

20. mv & ee - meet snake pass & other human conditions (singing knives 2008)

21. beatbeat whisper - wonder continental (self-released 2008)

22. josephine foster - this coming gladness (bo'weavil 2008)

23. of - rocks will open (digitalis 2008)

24. arborea - s/t (fire museum 2008)

25. keijo - neverending blues (ikuisuus 2008)

26. ilyas ahmed - the vertigo of dawn (time-lag 2008)

27. these feathers have plumes - untitled cs (period tapes 2008)
28. robert martin - long goodbye lp (yik yak 2008)

29. jow jow - no country livin (yod tapes 2008)

30. james blackshaw - white goddess (tompkins square 2008)

31. christina carter - masque femine (many breaths 2008)

32. castanets - city of refuge (asthmatic kitty 2008)

33. scott tuma - not for nobody (digitalis 2008)

34. milton cross - light in the west (digitalis 2008)

35. muffin - tane (sloow tapes cs 2008)

36. jack rose, dr ragtime & pals - s/t (beautiful happiness 2008)

37. micah blue smaldone - the red river (immune 2008)

38. the blithe sons - the great orthochromatic wheel (family vineyard 2008)

39. sun watcher - two and a half men (wagon 2008)

40. the child readers - music heard far off (soft abuse 2008)

41. the big eyes family players - donkeysongs (rusted rail 2008)

42. small sur - we live in houses made of wood (tender loving empire 2008)

43. the rural tradition - the miserable effects of a wasted life (dorset paeans 2008)

44. albaialeix - albaialeix (sones la colazione 2008)

45. painting petals on planet ghost - fallen camellias (a silent place 2008)

46. the big eyes family players - donkeysongs (rusted rail 2008)

47. black twig pickers - hobo handshake (vhf 2008)

48. grouper - dragging a dead deer up a hill (type 2008)

49. isengrind, twinsistermoon, natural snow buildings - the snowbringer cult (students of decay 2008)

50. visitations & big blood - lectric 'lashes (l'animaux tryst 2008)

51. wild gunmen - wild gunmen (white tapes 2008)

52. wondrous horse - cavallo meraviglioso (fire museum 2008)

53. gnod - the somnambulist's tale (tape 2008)

54. evening fires - figures of earth (digitalis ltd 2008)

55. fabio orsi & valerio cosi - we could for hours (a silent place 2008)

56. the moss collector - let us cross over the river and rest under the shade of the trees (cdr 2008)

57. higuma - haze valley (root strata 2008)

58. shoreline - time well spent (willkommen 2008)

59. larkin grimm - parplar (youn god 2008)

60. hush arbors - s/t (ecstatic peace 2008)

61. sparkling wide pressure - touching pasture (students of decay 2008)

62. sons of noel & adrian - s/t (shelsmusic 2008)

63. twi the humble feather - music for spaceships and forests (friendly ghost 2008)

64. maailma - noitalauluja (tjärnen lp 2008)

65. valerio cosi - collected works (porter 2008)

66. islaja - blaze mountain recordings (ecstatic peace 2008)

67. christina carter - a blossom fell (many breaths 2008)

68. brethren of the free spirit - the wolf also shall dwell with the lamb (important 2008)

69. v - we are crossing fences through rocky fields (housecraft 2008)

70. scorces - dreamers of decadence (volcanic tongue 2008)