microphones in the trees: February 2008

Thursday, February 28, 2008


40. silent hill (christophe gans 2006)

39. driving lessons (jeremy brock 2006)

38. 1408 (mikael hafstrom 2007)

37. right at your door (chris gorak 2006)

36. vacancy (nimród antal 2007)

35. severance (christopher smith 2006)

34. halloween (rob zombie 2007)

32. media luna (bahman ghobadi 2007)

31. fast food nation (richard linklater 2006)

30. bug (william friedkin 2007)

29. depués de la boda (susanne bier 2006)

28. 28 semanas después (juan carlos fresnadillo 2007)

26. 13 tzameti (géla babluani 2006)

25. 4 meses, 3 semanas, dos días (cristian mungiu 2007)

24. la tourneuse de pages (denis dercourt 2006)

23. el velo pintado (john curran 2006)

22. planet terror (robert rodríguez 2007)

21. control (anton corbijn 2007)

20. twelve and holding (michael cuesta 2007)

19. la culpa (narciso ibáñez serrador 2007)

18. yo (rafa cortés 2007)

17. ficción (cesc gay 2006)

16. la soledad (jaime rosales 2007)

15. this is england (shane meadows 2006)

14. sherrybaby (laurie collyer 2006)

13. dead meat (conor mcmahon 2006)

12. once (john carney 2007)

11. la suerte de emma (sven taddicken 2006)

10. la ciencia del sueño (michel gondry 2006)

9. el asesinato de jesse james por el cobarde robert ford (andrew dominik 2007)

8. little children (todd field 2006)

7. ratatouille (brad bird 2007)

6. maría llena eres de gracia (joshua marston 2005)

5. sonja (kirsi liimatainen 2006)

4. juno (jason reitman 2007)

3. no country for old men (joel coen, ethan coen 2007)

2. tropical malady (apichatpong weerasethakul 2004)

1. lilja 4-ever (lukas moodysson 2002)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008



¿para cuándo un partido político que se ocupe de esto?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

kurt weisman

"While Spiritual Sci-Fi is a result of work that Kurt Weisman has been undertaking for the last 10 years it's certainly also worth noting that he's a multi-instrumentalist in the acclaimed folk outfit Feathers. Kurt's stunning musicallity and absolute compositional prowess makes this an extremely compelling and wonderfully musical experimental pop-folk recording. The dense & original arrangement makes recalls the majesty of Van Dyke Parks album Song Cycle.

Kurt Weisman is a New England composer in his late 20s around whom all the wheels of life seem distinctly sped up (he's known for his extreme falsetto as well as pitching up his voice beyond Beatle and into cartoon)..." Important

Friday, February 22, 2008

tau emerald

"Travellers Two is a full length recording from the duo of Tara Burke (Fursaxa) and Sharron Kraus. Togerther Kraus & Burke create an ethereal record of dark-folk magic. Tara Burke and Sharron Kraus were due to travel to Finland together for a week but missed the flight, so instead they decided to spend the week recording together and Travellers Two is the result. The time was spent out in the fields, visiting burial mounds, and then coming back to Sharron's home studio to work. They had played previously together and done some recording but this is the first time an album was conceived." important

Sunday, February 17, 2008

christopher mccandless

' a veces me pregunto cómo estará el mundo ' - thoreau