microphones in the trees: December 2010

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


"intento recomponerme a mí mismo.
para conseguirlo tendré que ir de aquí para allá
buscando los fragmentos de mi ser."
kafka tamura

1 : atlantica • olivier capparos & lionel marchetti
2 : moons and cattails • linda perhacs
3 : wet palm trees • highlife
4 : untuk ajah dan ibu • koes bersaudara
5 : dandelion • kesang marstrand
6 : jesus on the mainline • james shorter, viola james and the independence congregation
7 : dd6021208 • starcircleanatomy
8 : after love • windsor for the derby
9 : down wildwood i • nautilus
10 : lily • nalle
11 : going back to the nineties • the feeling of love
12 : todo ha terminado • los rebeldes del rock
13 : caminito • hombre hambre
14 : ife ife ife • donato epiro
15 : in the morning • michael hurley
16 : cup of fish • aloonaluna
17 : traveler's advisory • mathew young
18 : flowers made of winter • sproatly smith
19 : singing image of heat waves • greg davis

::: HEAR :::

fotola: el nejo

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

winter drones

"Leon Dufficy is primarily known as guitarist in the hippie-jam outfit, Hush Arbors but now, he steps into his own as the driving force behind Winter Drones. Sounding like the perfect combination of fuzzed-out ambient drift, shoegaze swirl and propulsive pop sensibilities, Winter Drones have slowly gained attention in their native UK with a handful of obscure CDr/cassette releases and compilation appearances." weird forest


para agazaparse entre la neblina y guiñarle a don sol
para mirar hacia atrás con un paso adelante
para comer helado de cocoa aunque haga frío
para recordar que estamos aquí,
hoy y ahora
respira hondo

fotola: farfallametallicha

je suis le petit chevalier / orphan

"Je suis le petit chevalier is a new psych sound-land-scapes projects by one of our fav kaugummi artist Félicia Atkinson. Orphan is the solo project of Sabarah Polin, from Toronto, Canada.
The A side of the tape is Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier: a long piece made of meditative repetitive guitars and lurking electronic sounds. The B side of the tape is made by Orphan, with two sade tracks : the first one is a storm, the other one is a lull. Two steps of a cataclysm." kaugummi

foto: amanda johnson

Monday, December 13, 2010

lanterns on the lake

"After a brief – and heady - flirtation, Bella Union records are pleased to announce the signing of lanterns on the lake… Hailing from the North East of England, Lanterns on the Lake specialise in haunting, cinematic dream-pop. With their starry songs and lustrous melodies, the band have quietly gone about creating something magical and inspiring, displaying both a quiet melancholy and a soaring intensity." bella union

Sunday, December 12, 2010

calypso borealis

"Mysterious French artist Calypso Borealis creates a world of cosmic potential. With his own personal idiosyncrasies, the artist pulls us upwards and inwards into the cool isolation of space. This is a space full of possibilities and open for introspective journeying. Presented in a numbered edition of 50 hand stamped 3" " kimdawn

el vacío no existe, el vacío es aquello que no se percibe en función de los esquemas mentales que nos sujetan a la realidad cotidiana que vivimos. a los tres segundos de "niakaramandougou" ya no tengo esquemas mentales a los que agarrarme, a los dos minutos ya he perdido la noción del todo. tengo la sensación de haber amanecido solo, en una realidad que no se parece en nada a lo que estoy acostumbrado. no sé si ponerme un bañador, una bufanda o directamente presentarme desnudo. sentir vacío en el interior es una sensación terrible y temible a partes iguales, pero si ese vacío lo percibes fuera, las posibilidades son infinitas. las campanillas de "jiwe la singa" revelan que he llegado a un lugar donde hay vida orgánica (me viene a la mente el andamiaje de lichens), soy capaz de palparla aunque en el fondo no quiera porque me siento a gusto en manos de los drones, en las direcciones que eligen, porque asumiendo el vacío he llegado a la plenitud. "guezem" me recuerda que barn owl han debido parar por aquí no hace mucho e intuyo que se habrán sentido cómodos porque una cosa es satisfacer la necesidad y otra, bien diferente, es percibir la plenitud interior liberada. "uyang okpo usun" es infinito como el cosmos, y yo adivino el infinito como un estado de gozo, de recreo sin límites y el cosmos, como un sistema armonioso dentro del presumible caos. ladies and gentleman, we are floating in space, bon voyage.

foto: coquinete

Saturday, December 11, 2010

james blackshaw

The formidable guitarist James Blackshaw, who along with the tragically-late Jack Rose helped to stoke a John Fahey et al revival, always belonged to that second camp — his music was never Urban Outfitters folk to begin with, just lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. But on All Is Falling, one especially hears the distance: the album is a single extended, eight-part piece, a web of guitar arpeggios, plaintive piano, strings and vocals. It’s an impressive feat, ambitious and personal, and could serve to announce Blackshaw’s arrival as a singular voice, unbound from any transitory scene. Too bad it’s pretty weak. dusted magazine

Friday, December 10, 2010

high wolf / masaki nakazawa

"Masaki Nakazawa, from the amazing band Topping Bottoms, is easily one of my favorite guitarists in the world. I just spent one month touring Japan with him, saw him play almost every day, jammed with him numerous times. What I can say is when he plays it's like his japanese tatoos take life and every ghost from ancient Japan, every kami is summoned. Winged Sun is more than proud to release his first solo piece ever. A side long reverb desert blues with haunting percussion, reminding me of Sun Araw's "The Phynx".

High Wolf shares the tape with one long 15 minutes piece showing a lot of range. It's starting with the furthest exploration of his dark side ever put on record (spent too much time with Annapurna Illusion), then turn into a psychedelic jam sounding like we're back at pharao's times and we have those fucking pyramids to build and concludes with a totally stoned improvisation, mainly acoustic, with a good dose of spiritual music and a spirit of tribe communion. maybe the best winged sun release so far, trust me on this one." winged sun

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

je suis le petit chevalier

"Je suis le petit chevalier is another project of Felicia Atkinson. Félicia Atkinson is a sound and visual artist, she lives in Brussels, Belgium. Daughters sounds like drifting bodies on fire and ice...soundscapes, vocal sounds."

Saturday, December 04, 2010


"Anthony Swanox has been shadow-walking the greater west coast for a half-decade-plus... Dawnrunner opens with a hot springs soak in glowing, long-form new age ritual electricity before slowly dissolving into a patchwork of mumbly, loner drone-folk and hypnotized dusk hikes through fields of wet ferns... A strange collection of questing songs from a rad west coast lifer. Pro-dubbed cassettes in cases with cool photo portrait covers of Swanox’s brother, smoking by a beamer in the forest. Take the ride. Edition of 100." nnf

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

woodpecker wooliams

Sleeping Under Dark Suns is a story of sleeping women in myth. Woomen that sleep or go under. Women that grow mute or die. Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Lilith, Eurydice, the Honeybee in winter’s dreaming time. Two ten-minute compositions, the second a collaboration with the dark and murky Talvihorros. Slumberous, somnolent, drowsy dears. Where are our women? What have they done? Out in the woods, up in the towers, down in the dungeons, we’ve been eating apples, and loving men, swooning under their stern gazes, and giving up ghosts. I wanted to find out why… ~ Woodpecker Wooliams