microphones in the trees: September 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

sleepy villas

"Sleepy Villas is a Chicago/Brooklyn-based musical collaboration between Alexandra Loughton, Kyle Benjamin Poff, (both from the group Wrugs), and friend and brother Jordan Carol Poff. Recorded this past summer in Albuquerque, over the course of a few weeks, this release is a nostalgic mix of simple strummed guitars, auto harp, Piano, tambourine, slight electronic percussion, drifting synth arpeggios and overgrown tired vocals. Buried on these six tracks is a deep humble groove that floats along like a smokey aftertaste. Heavy influenced by neo-classical compositions from the likes of Ravel and Heitor Villa-Lobos smashed through a blender and mixed with a modern psych no-fi hum. Nothing falls from the sky other than water, unless it dies from flying by." glass foot records

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


"it's fucked up; it's a rainbow is a tape of some of the songs izaak wrote in 2008. they are kind of about how going away can show you new stuff but won't really fix anything that's wrong or weird and how that all works out. 9 tracks: some sung songs and some weird sounds. about half and half" ace of tapes

"...i am the child of two computers and cannot feel. born into weakness, not knowing that i might live forever, tapping the rhythms of a dry, dead america, singing the empty songs of protest against it, charting the stars above its lighted plain, making my own stories in that dark escape, hoping to find a voice up there, somebody to tell me that i could be more than my mind lets me. not my mind really. it's something else that thinks for me, pilots my mouth and my hands, something in everyone i know that owns me and them together, a slick aggregate of experience and fashion and the points where our bodies touch and when our words meet in the air and someone understands what i meant. i feel it when i breathe alone. i feel it through and decide it isn't real..." izaak starcircleanatomy

foto: jess gough

Monday, September 27, 2010


"many zones covered over the last year since the first campfire release. recorded both at home and at four different shows, this collection weaves together a lot of different vibes. this is a fade town. the sun is always going over the mountain and coming back around the other side. it's slow-going and short and yet a lot of ground is covered. zones come in and out. you get lost and find yourself miles from where you were just laying... light just broke into the cave you were cautiously exploring... and now you're floating... above the ocean. where is the ground? i don't know." ace of tapes

artwork by campfire

Sunday, September 26, 2010

je suis le petit chevalier

"From France, living in Belgium, Tropical Malady was recorded during a residency in the United States. Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier brings out sounds from Portland Oregon and (oddly enough) Upstate New York. Tropical Malady is a haunting auditorial interpretation of Apichatpong Weerasethakul's Tropical Malady; a sound experiment, a ghostly ambience with chant like vocals and echos. Mysterious drone soundscapes and tones set against a television frequency, the motion of the ocean the ebb and flow of emotions" i had an accident

primero charalambides y two-lane blacktop, y ahora félicia atkinson y tropical malady

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

gkfoes vjgoaf

"Light Weaving is a way of imagining the universe. It is the oneness of all things and the constellations that we use to engage with the world. The music of Light Weaving is building things into nothing. Ebb and flow. These are autostereogram-like sounds for all seasons, unfocus your ears and take in what's really happening... Specifically though, it is a set of live instances recorded in my parents' living room and reorganized on tape in June 2010." sean/gkfoes vjgoaf

artwork by sean conrad/gkfoes

nos encanta sean conrad, sus títulos, sus portadas, sus fotos, las fotos de w. moses, campfire, la playa en la cima de la montaña, su generosidad,  y su música. celebration into the light. de cuando las alegrías musicales acompañan a las alegrías personales

Monday, September 20, 2010

darren tate

"uk experimentalist Darren Tate unveils his new acid folk persona with a full-length album dedicated to Finnish folk spirit Keijo. This is one of Darren’s most abstract and oddly beautiful releases, with long passages of domestic silence illuminated by bird calls, bells and tinkling percussion... A deeply confounding work." volcanic tongue

"...Late Afternoon finds Tate adopting the beloved Jewelled Antler way of recording out in the wilderness, allowing all of the incidental sounds, manmade and natural, to tread upon whatever musical notes might be generated. Tate doesn't let on to where this recording was made, but it's got something of a natural concrete reverb, it's near an airfield, and it's infested with pigeons...Forest folk minimalism meets field recordings" aquarius 

Friday, September 10, 2010

high wolf

high wolf • shangri l.a [moamoo .2010]

"High Wolf makes music like no one else on the planet. He claims to be from the Amazon and all his activities are shrouded in mystery. Sometimes he is just one man, other times High Wolf is a duo. In either case he conjours mystic tropical clouds of repetition and build that, while complex, are never hard to listen to. The music seems to tap into a primal frequency and demands listeners to dance. A contemporary of James Ferraro (of The Skaters), Oneohtrix Point Never and Ducktails.

He has records and tapes out on loads of ultra hip labels like Not Not Fun (the people who put out records by Sun Araw, Magic Lantern, Pocahaunted), Krayon, his own Winged Sun. Also he's known as the new superastral duo team IIbiis Rooge with the seminal talents of Mr. Neil Campbell, better known these days as Astral Social Club and (ex-)member of Vibracathedral Orchestra. The new album Shangri L.A features the edited tracks from acclaimed cassette "Gabon" on Winged Sun Records and 3 exclusive new tracks recorded during the spring of 2010. These tracks has been remastered by the Japanese famous engineer Soichiro Nakamura (Guitar Wolf, Boris, Yura Yura Teikoku...).

The album showed High Wolf looking at Africa from his native Amazonia...What's the difference between Amazonian and African jungles? When we live in the wild, with percussions and tribal singing, we're all the same..." moamoo

Friday, September 03, 2010

black eagle child

"After the warped visions of his collaboration album together Kabizdoh Obtruhamchi, Michael Jantz returns to the subtle atmospheres of his solo music with this second album on sturmundrugs records. Acoustic guitar, with touches of accordion, glockenspiel, manipulated voice, piano flute, and scant field-recordings, for a collection of more intimate pieces written and partly improvised over the course of 2009. Blissful. Limited number of 100 copies with handmade covers & art by Michael Jantz." sturmundrugs records

somewhere i read that the human mind possesses a magical ability to play in higher dimensions where music, poetry, literature and fine art live. it makes me think that if all of this is moved by love, the universal one... it shakes our spirit, so in some way we become a part of 'the act' or 'the feeling'... then come the sighs... while listening 'poland' i sigh, i smile and i love... all i can say is: thanks ^.^

illustration by seth neefus

ólöf arnalds

“Lovely, transcendent Icelandic singer-songwriter writes the kind of music that populates the dreams of angels — fluttering folk songs as fragile as tiny china swans." Rolling Stone
new album 'Innundir Skinni' out sept 2010.