microphones in the trees: 2019 mixes (III): Daniel Guillén

Thursday, January 16, 2020

2019 mixes (III): Daniel Guillén

The next part of our series of mixes of 2019's music is delivered by Spanish ambient composer Daniel Guillén, known for his well-received cassette releases as Lunaria and his own name. Daniel is also part of Microphones family and passionate listener and collector of new age and ambient genres, both past and modern. Daniel's selection is full of warmest droning tapestries and coziest contemplative soundscapes, along with nature sounds and, maybe even eco-futuristic visions. 


01 Lửa - Tôi thấy ~ CHO OYU records
02 Sarah Louise - Daybreak ~ Thrill Jockey
03 Warmth - Wildlife ~ ARCHIVES
04 Tim Six - Crystal Travelling  ~ Virtual Dream Plaza
05 Matt Lajoie - The Center and the Fringe ~ Flower Room
06 Inner Travels - Forest ~ Inner Islands
07 Robert Rich - The Abiding Wheel ~ Self-released
08 Hexvessel - Visions of A.O.S. ~ Century Media 
09 Prana Crafter & Tarotplane - Jagged Mountain Melts at Dawn, Pt.1 ~ Beyond Beyond is Beyond 
10 Skyminds - Morning Way ~ auasca
11 Rem Koral - Purity of Perception ~ ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ
12 Thom Brennan - Soundgardens Part 4 ~ TMB Soundworks 
13 Max Corbacho - Echo of Longing ~ Silentsun
14 Logic Moon - I See Planets ~ Whitelabrecs
15 Anthéne - Wind Catcher ~ Home Normal
16 猫 シ Corp. & t e l e p a t h - Into the Dream ~ Hiraeth Records



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Mr Cole said...

Beautiful mix, thank you.

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