microphones in the trees: mansfield tya

Monday, December 05, 2005

mansfield tya

Cat Power, Françoiz Breut, Shannon Wright, Rachel's, Azure Ray, The Sonora Pine, Retsin, June Miller, Anaïs Nin, ....y Mansfield Tya (Julia Lanoë y Carla Pallone) . Piano, voz, guitarra y violín, mucho violín.
Aquí podéis escuchar algunas canciones, como la preciosa Living on a boat.
Pour oublier je dors...


Anonymous said...

Hi, I want to thank you again for all the music advices you are posting here: through them I've already done some good discovery.
This one, in particular, was really lovely, so that I wrote about it on my blog, also making public thanks to you...
I hope sometimes I could do the same to you, even if my reports are much less than yours.

ana said...

Amazing, Raffaello. You are very kind and my english is so bad:)

I'm very happy that you'd liked Mansfield Tya