microphones in the trees: the child readers

Saturday, March 03, 2007

the child readers

los discos que merece la pena escuchar dan siempre, desde la primera nota, la sensación de que estamos en otro planeta. me ocurre con The Child Readers, y en general con todos los discos de Jewelled Antler, sello de ensueño que sigo descubriendo día a día y por el que siento un cariño muy especial. pero lo más importante de todo es que The Child Readers están vivos. y que el espíritu de Jewelled Antler también sigue vivo a través de Soft Abuse (Flying Canyon, Ov, The Franciscan Hobbies, Hala Strana, Giant Skyflower Band, Wooden Wand,...). en primavera publicarán su nuevo disco, Music Heard Far Off. (!!)

"Toddling their way along implied paths in a quiet forest of sound, The Child Readers explore the wonder in the incidental nature of life around us with newborn ears.They leave sparse footprints: the soft twinkles and cracks of forest floors, the hums and rushes of wet night air, the chiming of small bells, distant buzzings, menacing phantasms of rumble and the hopeful rising breath of guitars strumming.Thin voices emerge as wisps of grass, struggling out uncertain but insistent form through the deeply romantic folds of their sonic topography.

The Child Readers hear with innocence and whisper their secret songs to us with baited breath."

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