microphones in the trees: isengrind

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Isengrind, recomendación de la caracola mag, es como un regalo caído del cielo. se trata nada más y nada menos que de Solange, componente del dúo francés Natural Snow Buildings. Golestan es una maravilla, una conjunción casi perfecta de Helena Espvall, Fursaxa, (N' ed' el' a), Silvester Anfang (With Its Mouth To The South & Its Tail To The North), Davenport (All tiny Animals), Uton (Path of Ice), Kuupuu (Virgin Rain Frog) y Kemialliset Ystavat (How deep is the Mud).
estos son los links para bajar el disco y las maravillosas "fotolas"
y estos son los links para bajar "The Dance of the Moon and the Sun" de Natural Snow Buildings. Moon & Sun
"On “Golestan” Solange employs electric guitars, vocals, effects, cello, piano, tambourine, flute and tampura. Upon listening and immersing myself time and time again into the sonic austere realms of this disc I find myself touching on almost a religious out-of-body experience. Right from the start, Solange guides you into ethereal cosmic nebula and moonsails in between diffuse luminous regions of interstellar clouds that fog up your perspective of time and space. The charm her music evokes is therefore bewitching, it resonates out magical incantation through its pagan-like execution of sparse percussive rattles, cascading in between alternating eerie and cataclyptic flute meanderings, creating an arresting experience of both coquettish and dreamlike soundspheres. In short, this is an exquisitely crafted album, filled with introspective dreamy female vocals balancing in between deep acid folk with astral fragile vox and minimalist intoned drone-like excursions that dwarf in between the vast nebula of time..."


Jorge VF said...

TwinSisterMoon - Levels and Crossings
(el otro proyecto de Mehdi, la otra mitad de NSB)

Un saludo :)

Anonymous said...

Esto es una pequeña gran gran maravilla.

Muchas gracias!


Anonymous said...


Ahora entiendo a que se referían en la web de Tiliqua cuando decían: "A 4 LP box set is also being prepared. details will be announced soon.......all I can say for now is that it concers the hottest acid folk duo the Western hemisphere has seen for decades."

Anonymous said...

que majicos, que bonito, gracias

adrián said...

no conocía este sello, vaya reediciones de rarities japonesas!. 'super record' de magical power mako (en mi opinión de la psicodelia más fina de la isla y ya es decir, mucho word-folk) o el incendiario shinki chen. a ver sí baja pronto isengrind, que de momento sólo 'morgenstern'que suena muy bien.


Anonymous said...

Me gustó el disco de THEE MORE SHALLOWS. El jueves si puedo te llevo unas fotos de los cañones del Sil.

-merrick- said...

Hola. Soy la presidenta del club de fans de Natural Snow Buildings.

Sólo quería decir eso.

Y las gracias, claro.

Anonymous said...

me caso con mag de aqui poco.,, es en la piramide del sol en teotihuacan y estais todos invitados.. un saludo, vaya bene

tek said...

that comment two back was epic and totally insane - that is if it wasn't composed by some hyper-inteligent spambot - which it probably was. anyways- my point is that despite the mentioned rambling epistle- the original post is about golestan and and isengrind, right? could someone repost this? i have been trying to listen to this for months. thanks
ps i love this blog so feel good about yourself.