microphones in the trees: the ray pacino ensemble

Sunday, March 16, 2008

the ray pacino ensemble

the ray pacino ensemble - be my lonely night/golden greats (lal lal lal 2008)

"And speaking of Lal Lal Lal and its documentation of some of the sicker sounds of new Sweden, they've also gone and released a gatefold double LP by the one and only Ray Pacino Ensemble. Their Be My Lonely Night cassette was one of the best things Lal Lal Lal put out in 2006, and that whole thing has been reissued here as the first record, with all new songs on the second slab. I'm not quite sure how to describe this band from the village of Järna except to say that they sound like 2000s post-punk weirdos possessed simultaneously by the spirits of a 1930s Scandinavian dancehall oompah band and some cracked 1960s folk troubadours. Ten listens later and I can't do any better than that, but no matter how strange it gets, The Ray pacino Ensemble is always there to play another song, and they're all surprising catchy and avant-garde and inexplicably effective. As is the hand-sewn gatefold sleeve, with its art by Jelle Crama and totally incomprehensible liner notes...." blastitude



Ecstatic Peace! said...

Muy recomendable también la cinta:


Sheesh Kabeesh said...

can't thank you enough for this post on Ray Pacino - incredible, weird and wonderful and totally addictive music

thnak you

Anonymous said...

Hey neighbor! How's it goin'?

ana said...

they are a really special band :)

hi emmanuel!