microphones in the trees: we in a "field"

Thursday, July 10, 2008

we in a "field"


01. heat & birds ~ field recording
02. song to laughter, tree at dusk ~ the child readers
03. sleeper under a tree ~ the birdtree
04. imi the king ~ steve gunn
05. buck dancer' choice ~ jack rose, dr. ragtime & pals
06. crossing the james ~ black twig pickers
07. that was then, this is now ~ my two toms
08. lift him up, that's all ~ washington phillips
09. ghost light ~ barrett lindgren
10. loudest void ~ cartoon monster
11. robin & beth ~ hezekiah jones
12. coal or smoke ~ joshua marcus
13. sasquatch ~ beggin' your pardon miss joan
14. dogwood tree ~ luminous craft
15. nothing elegant ~ tender buttons
16. a long time ago ~ the cherry blossoms
17. amazing grace ~ wild gunmen
18. after death ~ the ray pacino ensemble
19. things in the ground ~ mont smokey
20. collapse into the sweet grass the north sea
21. waves of grass ~ the blithe sons


ellanios said...

Thank you for all great music

Anonymous said...

(Me preguntaba si conocían a Andreas Söderström Solo...)

Anonymous said...

lovely music for a lovely earth

ana said...

guillermina, sí lo conocía pero apenas lo había escuchado. me encanta!

ellanios and blanca estela,
thanks to you for the visit

rafa said...

qué recuerdos birdtree!!!, aunque ahora la más de la más es nothing elegant, brrrrrrr!