microphones in the trees: second family band

Friday, December 25, 2009

second family band

"Another incredible offering from the Second Family Band camp, documenting their huge collective burnouts. side A begins with a Murky laidback basement jam which quickly morphs into a psychedelic banjo romp, and ends with the incredible tropical sounding shamanic title track.
The flip sides drugged up guitar solo and loose percussion keeps the pace for another of the band’s sonic meditations, which all accumulates into the last track’s laid back Dub Vibes, perfectly suited for heaviest smokers soundtrack." bum tapes


Anonymous said...

Ana ¿Podrías volver a subir la cinta? Es que buscando información sobre ella me he fijado que le faltaba un tema, en concreto Takeover The Rainbow, me parece que se llama.

Y muchísimas gracias por subir cosas tan fascinantes y envolventes como las de Second Family Band.

Anonymous said...

B1 is missing!

ana said...

hola david y anónimo, ya está subida de nuevo. gracias por el aviso!
anonymous, try now

Anonymous said...

awesome, works now!
thank you very very much! :)