microphones in the trees: donato epiro

Monday, February 15, 2010

donato epiro

"Over the course of ‘Sounding the Sun’, Italian psych magician Donato Epiro aims his wand in all directions of the acoustical field, doing his best chameleon’s dance with drums, flute, chanting, and strings. An impressive dynamism is in play when Donato takes his bonfire percussion & fluttering raga loops, then swiftly braids them down to stilled passages of minimalist vibration. It’s a blissful abduction of the ear’s attention/perception, harnessed to a pervasive feeling of time running backwards as the album spins forward. A beautiful and unpredictable escape to some far off sunny fields of a magical land long, long ago. Limited edition of 100 hand stamped cdrs with double-sided insert card & color cover in vinyl jacket." stunned records

collage: dona k.

percusiones, flautas, cantos tribales, ceremonias y pajarillos, high wolf, deep magic....con Donato Epiro, que también tiene su propio sello: sturmundrugs


Anonymous said...

es la prueba gráfica de que los gnomos existen?? :-0

si la música suena tan mágica como se ve la foto ME LA PIDO

ainhoa alias la "golden pepit" ;-)

mar said...

perdérmela quierolas de la la lá!

donato es grande :)

ana said...

muy muy grande, caracoluda, un disco realmente precioso

golden pepit....jhgjhjghjfhgiloveyou