microphones in the trees: darren tate

Monday, September 20, 2010

darren tate

"uk experimentalist Darren Tate unveils his new acid folk persona with a full-length album dedicated to Finnish folk spirit Keijo. This is one of Darren’s most abstract and oddly beautiful releases, with long passages of domestic silence illuminated by bird calls, bells and tinkling percussion... A deeply confounding work." volcanic tongue

"...Late Afternoon finds Tate adopting the beloved Jewelled Antler way of recording out in the wilderness, allowing all of the incidental sounds, manmade and natural, to tread upon whatever musical notes might be generated. Tate doesn't let on to where this recording was made, but it's got something of a natural concrete reverb, it's near an airfield, and it's infested with pigeons...Forest folk minimalism meets field recordings" aquarius 

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