microphones in the trees: the third eye of sauron

Monday, October 04, 2010

the third eye of sauron

"this new tape from third eye of sauron seems to be a self-similar expansion of the ideas from his last release, in which he continues to develop the language of his sonic world. thicketed walls of ambiguous instrumentation climb and fall out from blackness, paired with field recordings and frayed captures of practices, jams, and shows. this music defies time; to think that some of the shorter moments here last less than hours seems strange and unreal. it shows a knack for condensing moments and an acute sensitivity for the ethereal notions that make music musical." ace of tapes


no-mind said...

Side B is corrupt it seems. So you know. Thanks for all the good tunes though.

e h h said...

this is rad
no corruption for me

sean said...


Anonymous said...

Side B is corrupt.

sean john cougessence said...

hi everyone, thanks for the comments. i re-uploaded the files just in case some were having corruption issues. level 1 aura of incorruptibility!!

thanks! keep listening!