microphones in the trees: high wolf / masaki nakazawa

Friday, December 10, 2010

high wolf / masaki nakazawa

"Masaki Nakazawa, from the amazing band Topping Bottoms, is easily one of my favorite guitarists in the world. I just spent one month touring Japan with him, saw him play almost every day, jammed with him numerous times. What I can say is when he plays it's like his japanese tatoos take life and every ghost from ancient Japan, every kami is summoned. Winged Sun is more than proud to release his first solo piece ever. A side long reverb desert blues with haunting percussion, reminding me of Sun Araw's "The Phynx".

High Wolf shares the tape with one long 15 minutes piece showing a lot of range. It's starting with the furthest exploration of his dark side ever put on record (spent too much time with Annapurna Illusion), then turn into a psychedelic jam sounding like we're back at pharao's times and we have those fucking pyramids to build and concludes with a totally stoned improvisation, mainly acoustic, with a good dose of spiritual music and a spirit of tribe communion. maybe the best winged sun release so far, trust me on this one." winged sun

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