microphones in the trees: sawi lieu

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

sawi lieu

"A time bomb torches the phantasmagorical. It is a night ride above the swirling sweet hillsides. The trick and a transport. A distant laugh, not a thrill left to be." constellation tasu

"The album title refers to one of Jakarta’s earliest major shopping centers. Located in South Jakarta, Pasaraya was Sawi Lieu’s hub ~ the place where the now 20-something spent hours playing Rp 500-per-game arcades. The blips and 8-bit noises in those games embedded themselves into Sawi’s soul. "I want to pay a tribute to those nostalgic memories of playing those 'ding dongs'. The songs are heavily electronic because I wanted it to sound like those arcade games’ scores. I just hope that when people listen to these songs, they again feel the joy they had when they were playing arcade games as kids. Yeah, that would be really good." jakarta globe

en el anterior disco de Sawi Lieu siempre me detenía en la preciosa 'crystal vibration' y ahora son 'familiar landscape' y 'unforseeable photosynthesis' las dos canciones que de verdad me han robado el corazón. en 'pasaraya' Sawi parece haber apostado definitivamente por el camino de la electrónica, de los beeps and boops y blips and skips y un sinfín de soniquetes cual tormenta sónica, un homenaje a la infancia y a los juegos clásicos Arcade (pac-man!). colorismo desbordante, con ventanucos. desde Jakarta, como Duck Dive.

foto: theo gosselin / artwork: sawi lieu

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