microphones in the trees: tuluum shimmering

Saturday, January 31, 2015

tuluum shimmering

~ a 19min film by Tuluum Shimmering with 3 different soundtracks recorded live in the presence of the film. ~

"...you know what to expect ~ ultimate rainforest transcendence from the shamanic looper extraordinaire" jimmy billingham

"this is the most astonishing piece of music/art that I have witnessed all year. breathtaking anthropological footage of unknown primordial utopias (woven seamlessly into a blurred kaleidoscopic succession of images from the Far East, Pacific Islands, maybe even Tuluum itself?) stimulate intense yearning for return to Eden; "Trance" is not a label befitting work of this nature. the musical component is fused perfectly with the visual; tribal rhythms pulsate while flailing aspirant bamboo flutes loops drown in reverb ebb and flow as so many tides on the shores of distant undiscovered lands. loops collide/disperse/interweave with improvisation until all you are left with at the end is illumination." chebsamdoun

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Anonymous said...

Does ANY one know where to find a copy of the most recent Tuluum Shimmering release that sold out within hours (if not minutes) after it's release entitled "The Flukey Furlong Anvils & Ditches"? It's not on Discogs (yet) so don't bother looking there...

ana said...

sorry anomymous, i didn't even know about it