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Friday, July 31, 2015

plant music / grey garden home

"nurture nature with dublab’s Plant Music! these songs were composed by dublab’s favorite musicians with growth of leafy friends in mind. Plant Music is a dublab Proton Drive exclusive so when you pick this up you will not only be helping plants to grow, but you will also cultivate dublab’s positive music mission."

1. a&r ~ weeping willow
 2. alejandro cohen ~ remembering
3. carmen villain
~ blomic
4. dexter story
~ mahogany
5. dntel
~ ficus sheen
6. ethio cali
~ green tej
7. golden hits
~ for the ferns
8. suneye
~ sprout
9. impa quince ~ i bloom when you bloom
10. j d emmanual
~ texas star plant
11. jp jenkins
~ cactus conciousness
12. mary lattimore
~ david green
13. matthewdavid
~ electronic dream plant
14. prints
~ vision
15. rainbow arabia
~ succulent
16. t.e.a.l.
~ moss
17. vitamin wig c
~ rose power

opaline, sunmoonstar, sleepland, aeki takashi, ...

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