microphones in the trees: baldruin ~ vergessene träume

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

baldruin ~ vergessene träume

«Johannes is quite a regular guy following a well-arranged, unhurried 24/7 routine. Given this almost boring day in, day out one might wonder how he manages to piece together his colorful, imaginative and meticulously manufactured sonic miniatures? Well, it’s obviously that kind of untroubled artistic existence that leads to a mindset to create a slightly unsettling music quite far from the artist’s own experience. It’s not real, it’s phantasy. It’s art, it’s entertainment – and it’s meant to be fun...» ~ ikuisuus

It's not that easy to make creepy things fun, you know. Of course, there are thousands of horror movies which are somehow both, yet they may be boring as well, especially if you have seen a lot. Previous Johannes' work was everything but fun, it was creepy and catastrophic in a full measure. (Okay it was fun, but only if you are experienced noise & forest-folk user). Here, on the once again amazingly designed vinyl record, that story seems to continue but with a tone of irony. Small village zombie-apocalypse has happened (classical scene from low-budget horror arises) but it wasn't that bad at all. Now everything is back to the way it was, the daily routine continues – with some weirdness about it though. Some people are still working where they used to work, the others can't because they don't have legs, for instance. All food is rotten in the markets but the chips are still fine. Carousels at the amusement park are running, but with half-dead corpses sitting and staring into nowhere... Holding hands, like they're on a date. Probably they'd be happy to have some ice-cream, it may be refreshing. for their dead minds. But all milk is sour and the ice has melted. Sounds not so funny though, if you really think about it, but you should really be listening to the album by now, and combined with music it may have a completely different effect.

Melancholic notes and sudden bursts of string psychedelia, cold synths and unvarnished rhythms of childish percussion – Baldruin's music functions like self-driving mechanism, perfectly working despite obvious faults, seemingly unnecessary parts and weird engineering solutions made by its creator. Yet, it's alive! And it's purpose is unknown. It may sweeten your evening like a purring cat or can be as dangerous as the window left opened during the Samhain. When you sleep and one of your hands is on the floor. And this thing is under your bed... Or maybe it's already in the kitchen, talking to the brownie? It's hard to know their intentions, but the intention of Baldruins body of work seems to be a constant disillusioning the fact that our world is simple and devoid of magic. When there's nothing weird around you, why not to create it? Maybe all the magic needs are someone to channel it to our world. Only if that's a pure intention and self-made domestic rituals. And it doesn't matter if anyone sees what you channeled. Just be calm and careful, don't tell anyone about gnomes in your cellar. Let them eat all pickles. You won't need them in a dreamland...  

It's actually the same with music reviewing – you hear and see something in the sounds, you tell about it, and people start wondering if that's true. But the magic here is the fact that nothing is carved in the stone. Or even if it is, the stone itself is fluid, ephemeral, it radiates drones and affects the surroundings by the clatter of unknown origin. Don't you realize? We are in a dream. Try to read what is written there again. Where? On the stone. Which stone, what are you talking about? About wild goose wearing green gloves. Ah, I see... Oh, she's sooo beautiful, I'm gonna faint! Please, faint – I made a fresh bed for you out of these gentle bells and drones. Have a good sleep, we are going to the amusement park tomorrow! 

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