microphones in the trees: nalle

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


"Nalle is the Finnish word for teddy bear or little bear and as this gatefold card cover is adorned with Hanna Tuulikki's exquisite drawings of bears, trees and more, I'm sold on it at once! Nalle is a trio: Hanna, Chris Hladowski (Scatter) and Aby Vulliamy (One Ensemble of Daniel Padden). They play an exotic selection of stringed and percussive instruments in a style that's tinged with hints of North African, Eastern & Northern European musics. You might call this "folk", although that falls short of describing the beguiling noise they make together. Pinning Hanna's voice down in a few words is the hardest part of all... at once she can sound childlike and as though she's a conduit for some ancient force from the depths of a stone-age well! Nalle have something unique to offer. That's a rare thing and this album is one to cherish"

"Nalle play a relaxed and explorative set which works its way through a stunning amalgam of folk, psyche, improv and drone. Slow-strumming, madrigal-esque folk mutations, somewhat in the vein of Fursaxa, long notes hanging suspended in the air like mean, mystical old albatrosses. A masterclass in drone, teasing blissful feedback textures from bowed bouzouki, clarinet, and a fine array of pedals"

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Anonymous said...

qué bonita sunne song!!! joanna newsom meets fursaxa :p

por cierts el de oca a oca y tiro porque me toca en myspace es de coña, uuuuf!!! la canción más entrañable del mundo ahora mismo es 'lonely in the dark' o 'song for nana' tras 'over yonder' de Luminous Craft

huele a elizabeth cotten :)

ana said...

mi favorinda de nalle es iron's oath...file under: 'vicisitudes' :>

buff las artes luminosas, qué preciosidad. elizabeth cotten, monumento ya!

Anonymous said...

en la mini muestra de 'sunne song' la voz recuerda un poco a la más ratuka, con lo de las percusiones y cuerdas de oriente, ñam, bajando...


ana said...

madrigal-folk total

Anonymous said...

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