microphones in the trees: donald mcpherson & tetuzi akiyama

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

donald mcpherson & tetuzi akiyama

"This LP and CD recorded in New Zealand in 2004, is the duo recording of New Zealand guitarist Donald McPherson and Japanese guitarist Tetuzi Akiyama. A beautiful meeting of 2 virtuoso acoustic guitarists, both thoroughly schooled in the vast world of improvising.
This record finds Tetuzi and Donald playing melodic folk improvisations that grow and morph into compositions that on each listening uncover some new layer of beauty. Both playing on acoustic guitar, they have a level of communication and understanding of each others playing, that allows a musical connection to grow and blossom into a full-length recording of delicate melodic mayhem.
The LP is limited hand numbered edition of 500 and the CD is limited to 1000, there are 2 extra tracks on the CD that do not appear on the vinyl version. The LP has 2 tracks that are in an extended form."
estos días no he parado de escuchar 'Between the Trees' que es preciosa y cuyo principio podría ser el de cualquier canción de los discos más raros y experimentales de Richard Youngs con Alex Neilson y Simon Wickham-Smith y cuyo final podría ser el de cualquier reencarnación de Brad Rose. en el tránsito entre Pre-existence y la filigrana casi noise de Terrifying Street, en algún punto entre Loren Mazzacane Connors, Ben Kunin, Derek Bailey, Greg Malcolm, John Fahey... se encuentra Vinegar & Ram, la otra cara de Tetuzi Akiyama, su entendimiento casi perfecto con Donald McPherson, y su disco más dulce, sencillo, fingerpicking, raga y 'tangible'
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