microphones in the trees: hush arbors

Thursday, January 25, 2007

hush arbors

"Keith Wood and his Hush Arbors project had a good year in 2006. After multiple solo tours and stints with Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice, his first CD and LP were released earlier in the year. He ended the year relocating to England and plying his trade across the pond. With all this in mind, it was decided that a re-release of his first full-length for Digitalis was in order, and thus this expanded version of "Under Bent Limb Trees" was born.

Keith Wood concocts massive emotional releases in his head and transfers them to tape using the most organic means possible. Bowed dulcimer, singing bowl, banjo, and a his trademark falsetto dot the horizon of this majestic album. This graceful and subdued music has been extracted from the earth and laden with golden spirits.

This two CD set, housed in gatefold cardboard jackets, is the perfect embodiment of Wood's delicate take on shy melancholia that has one foot in the forest and one on a log fire, burning with passion. His experience as the go-to guy of not only Ben Chasny (Six Organs of Admittance) but Massachussets God-botherers Sunburned Hand of the Man for live appearances has clearly set him in good stead for his own recordings, and this collection only serves to magnify his deft talent and unique voice.

Disc one features the whole of "Under Bent Limb Trees," newly remastered and sounding better than ever. The real prize is in the second disc, which features out-of-print, rare, and unreleased tracks culled from Wood's own collection and various limited and obscure releases." digitalis

"Just as comfortable wringing deadly screaming leads from his guitar as he is coaxing gentle modern day country hymns to Catatonia from it, Wood is, first and foremost, a songwriter in the traditional sense. his songs will feel right at home during nights of quiet debauchery, as well as during those shame-filled mo(u)rnings after.'' - James Toth, Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice

"Hush Arbors' new release "Under Bent Limb Trees" explores the many facets of nature – the warmth of a hazy sunny summer day, the angry tumult of a storm, and the enclosing menace of kudzu cover. Wood’s Nature is not only worthy of our admiration but also our respect and awe. It is a beguiling mixture of delicate seductive sun-washed days and grim, steely, claustrophobic blackness." - Steve Rybicki, Fakejazz

"Like his friend and sometime collaborator Ben Chasny-- who last year also contributed liner notes to Hush Arbors' self-titled album-- Keith Wood here shows the ability to take the barest ingredients of folk and psych-rock traditions and transmute them into his own unique form of sorcery." - Matthew Murphy

a Keith Wood le encanta viajar a paraísos de bosques milenarios. allí encuentra la inspiración para dar forma a sus plegarias y a sus canciones. 'Under Bent Limb trees' podría ser perfectamente la niña de sus ojos. su creación. su criatura. cinco canciones extras (una de veinte minutos) como reclamo, que van del cántico sublime y apasionado a lo Ben Chasny (Clothed with Sun) al bucle y a la celebración más sensual de la naturaleza (The Valley). paisajes verdes, drones de diferente intensidad y duración, apuntes sueltos, pequeños himnos, todo junto y revuelto dentro de los límites de una misma composición. sonidos sin domesticar, sin concesiones, sin resolver. además de los pajarillos y los cien mil detalles de Untitled y Clothed with Sun, destaco el poderoso y a la vez destartalado banjo de 'Wooded Reel' que nos transporta de Missouri a Nueva Orleans; la 'remasterización' de 'Where the black bear hides in the sky' y 'may all your pastures now spring with heros' (sounding better than ever), dos canciones adictivas en las que Keith Wood canta como si fuera un ser de otro mundo, mitad Neil Young, mitad ruiseñor. la tristeza y el encanto de ' Song for morning to sing'; las flautas, los grillos, los atardeceres anaranjados a la sombra de un árbol de 'Gypsy Wood'; la mano que asoma entre las ramas, tan inquietante y divertida como el hacha de 'Landscape of Bone'. y la voz, la voz del folk, en la canción que inaugura el cuento, 'The forest we've been'.


Anonymous said...

me lo pido, y ya por pedir me pido también una hectarea de bosque milenario

ana said...

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Joleeeene....i'm begging of you please don't take my man

Anonymous said...

Me acabo de dar cuenta de que hay evidencias de un asesinato en esta portada..uhhhh y yo que pensaba que todo era buen rollo praderil. Habrá que guardarse las espaldas mientras escucho estas canciones

Anonymous said...

Seguro que la que entra por aqui cantando para disimular tiene algo que ver :-)

Ecstatic Peace! said...

Dos cds sublimes.

Merecían un embalaje más bonito desde mi humilde opinión.

Curioso lo del "asesinato" en la portada,
no había visto el cuerpo del delito hasta que lo habeis mencionado.