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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

religious knives

religious knives - remains (no fun productions, 2007)

"Remains is Religious Knives first full length CD and is full of beautiful synth melodies, atonal guitar, twisted percussion and haunting vocals. Definitely one of those mythical releases dedicated to all believers of infinity." no fun

"Remains is a psychedelic epic, completely beautiful, dark and overtaking. dedicated to all believers of true infinity, remains collects a series of early limited and out of print recordings, fully remastered and slightly reworked for this release full of slowly shifting synth melodies, atonal guitar, twisted percussion and haunting vocals. long live eternal psychedelic dark beauty. artwork by maya miller." no fun

"New cd on No Fun that compiles all of the key, limited releases from the trio of Mike Bernstein (Double Leopards/Workbench), Maya Miller (Double Leopards/Black Quarter) and Nate Nelson (Mouthus/Afternoon Penis). This one features the whole of their long gone Bind Them/Electricity And Air Lp, the Heavy Tapes 7" Blackbird/Wax & Flesh and the Train split cd-r with Zodiac Mountain. More 'song' based than their work with Double Leopards et al, with a heavy devotional Popol Vuh type air that combines slow, pulsing organ drones with otherworldly atmospheres and blurred vocals that sound as if they're run through rusty, mile-high tannoys. Maya's playing is especially remarkable, giving the bulk of their work a gloss of baroque psych classicism..." volcanic tongue

"... “Remains” first half recalls Double Leopards’ 2004 masterpiece, “Halve Maen” and I know, that’s one of the best albums ever and yes I know what I’m doing here. It’s that good. The opening couple of “Bind Them” and “Electricity and Air”, previously released as a 12”, manages to please instantly. Hypnotizing tabla rhythms to pull you in, aching cries from lost netherworlds to make you feel like you’ve entered a world in which mantra’s are the new universal language. And it keeps doing so until the last bells of “Electricity and Air” tinker away into the void. This could be considered magic, or, transcendent... 9/10" foxy digitalis

bind them (mp3!!!)
the train (mp3 excerpt)
electricity & air (mp3 excerpt)
blackbird (mp3 excerpt)
wax & flesh (mp3 excerpt)
religious knives & the haunting - live in the cove (heavy tapes 2007)

"cuando tienes 'pareja', no hay nada mejor que encontrar otra pareja con la que conectes. aquí, el equipo de marido y mujer formado por Religious Knives y The Haunting (Mike y Tara Connelly) quedan para una fiesta nocturna de pijamas después de una tarde entera comiendo, bebiendo, y relajándose. sabíamos que éramos buenos amigos, pero ¿funcionaría un encuentro musical? además de coincidir en gustos culinarios, y vinícolas, nos hemos dado cuenta de que tenemos mucho en común en términos musicales y de proximidad. crujiente y vibrante como una jarra llena de canicas, y mucha atmósfera. no necesitas estar sentado a la luz de las velas apara disfrutar de esto, pero ayuda." heavy tapes

"Mike and Maya Bernstein (Double Leopards et al) hook-up with Mike Connelly (Wolf Eyes et al) and his partner Tara for late-night electronics occultation, with eerie ghost song leaking through a fug of nocturnal stasis. Very atmospheric slow-tone somnambulism that at points sounds like radio signals from somewhere *beyond*. Comes in the gorgeous new Heavy Tapes (run by Mike and Maya of Double Leopards, Religious Knives et al) packaging with letterpressed custom fabricated cardstock tape covers which wrap around and tuck into themselves and black ink on white cardstock artwork by Maya. Just about the most beautiful run of tapes you're ever likely to fondle." volcanic tongue

you walk (mp3 del vinilo que saldrá en Troubleman Unlimited)

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