microphones in the trees: burning star core

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

burning star core

"Creeping drones, strange mutilated vocal incursions, and compositions full of unidentifiable sounds both acoustic and electronic. Another classic in sound exploration from the mind of Mr. C. Spencer Yeh. This is the sound of humanity looking into the depth of their soul searching for a reason to continue fighting the daily maze of homo sapien life. The three sisters on the front cover of this album all have the "mark of the devil." no fun productions
“...Blood Lightning is the record we’ve all been waiting for. It has all the Burning Star Core ingredients we’ve come to know, from the sawing violin megadrones to the vocal insanity. The krautrocking monsterjams and eerie vibes through weirded out spoken bits. But this album seems to have it all in the right places...9/10" foxy digitalis
"Brand new album from C Spencer Yeh and co is their darkest entry into post-avant hypnosis to date, with five tracks that build a palpable sweat of threat from glots of poetic throat flux into strung-out reflective electro drones and on through to the most malevolent low-register satanic narration over a curdling ocean of Industrial lava and delicately fried circuits that could almost be Takehisa Kosugi if he hadda dug Consumer Electronics, Nurse With Wound circa “I Was No Longer His Dominant” and the kinda opiated occult analgesia favoured by Mel Lyman, Charles Manson, Jhon Balance and Bobby Beausoleil. The fourth track “The Universe Is Designed To Break Your Mind” feels like the most perfect melding of “Bells”-era Ayler with the repeat skull-parting noise ecstasies of Sunroof et al. Heard a rumour that this was to be the last ever recording under the Burning Star Core moniker - but what a way to go. Reputedly the third part of the trilogy that included Three Sisters That Share An Eye and the recent Ultra Eczema LP, this is easily the best of the bunch. Features cover art depicting three sisters with “the mark of the devil” on them in a hard card gatefold sleeve. One of the most unique and ambitious releases of Yeh’s career to date, highly recommended." volcanic tongue
deaf-mute spinning resonator (mp3 de blood lightning)
le violon trouve un violon (mp3, unreleased demo track from 2004)
the emergency networks are taking over (mp3 de operator dead...post abandoned)


Anonymous said...

Super killer!!!

ana said...

jeje, superkiller es brian? preciosa el violón encuentra a otro violón :)