microphones in the trees: claypipe/pekko kappi/the blithe sons

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

claypipe/pekko kappi/the blithe sons

"Located in different corners of the world, central California, New Zealand, and Finland share rich ecologies. All three are heavily forested, and all three are influenced by prevailing warm coastal winds, creating a common cathedral of nature welcoming reclusion and spiritual introspection. It's natural then for this compilation of forest folk bands growing out of the Jeweled Antler collective to include artists from these three locations: The Blithe Sons from California, Pekko K”ppi from Finland, and Claypipe from New Zealand.

However, the word "compilation" for these three recordings is perhaps too strong. Their shared inspiration from the natural world has created such a strong musical affinity, and the community brought about by Jeweled Antler has created such a history of collaboration, support and enthusiasm between musicians that this record presents an undeniably cohesive spirit. This set of recordings should be considered as coming from some sort of telekinetic band. The environmental recordings (by Byram Abbott and Tony Endless) provide a resonant duration between each of the recordings, kind of like traveling from one place to the next.

The Blithe Sons is the duo of Loren Chasse (Coelacanth, Of, etc.) and Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Badgerlore, etc.), who also collaborate under the name Thuja with Rob Reger and Steven R. Smith. The duo combines Chasse's leanings towards tones and percussive textures with Donaldson's folk-inflected melodies to create textured but elegant hymns to the natural world.

Claypipe is the bush clad drone/folk duo of New Zealanders Antony Milton (PseudoArcana head and numerous solo projects) and Clayton Noone (CJA as well as a member of Armpit and Futurians). Recorded live in secret feral city corners and via 4 track cassettes mailed between the North and South Islands their sound ranges the ranges between sun-in-your-eyes pop and furtive battery driven uber-noise.

Pekko Kappi (also a member of Lau Nau and Paivansade) plays traditional Finnish-Karelian folk music. Kappi is known for his use of the unique primitive stringed instrument called the jouhikko (or horsehair lyre) and for the stunning intensity he is able to convey with just that instrument and his voice, bowing and scraping the violin-like instrument to create a whirlpool of gently and organically rough tones.

The Amazed Map is intended to be a sequel to Windswept Trees and Houses and Heat and Birds, released as limited edition CDRs on Jewelled Antler some years ago."music fellowship

the Blithe Sons "Morning at Night" (mp3)
Pekko Kappi "Yhta Kirottua Helvetin Tulikekaletta" (m3u sample)

Claypipe "Water Fence" (m3u sample)

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