microphones in the trees: orion rigel dommisse

Friday, October 26, 2007

orion rigel dommisse

orion rigel dommisse - what i want from you is sweet (language of stone 2007)

"Rising from the smoke of burning houses and dust of disassembled bones, Dommisse's quirkily effervescent debut unfolds like a fable. Everything about it, from the unique instrumentation - Wurlitzer electric piano, vibraphone, omnichord and electric cello form the core – to the the woodcut cover drawing of goats gathered around a well outside a lopsided trailer in the woods speaks of otherness and strange distance. And there's Dommisse's quivering, liquid voice moving like water on uneven ground, filling crevices and falling with natural gravity. Released on a new label run by Greg Weeks (Espers) and Jessica Weeks (Woodwose), What I Want From You Is Sweet takes devastation and decay and mushrooms earthy, fragrant life from it" JamBase
"...This is a very strong debut, both from Dommisse herself and from the new Language of Stone label. It belongs to the same extended family as Newsom's Ys and Fern Knight's Music for Witches and Alchemists, yet it has its own necromancing identity. It's a strange, haunted missive from the land between sleeping and waking, living and dying, folk and baroque classical music…a gentle new kind of goth for the morbidly romantic." dusted
p.d. las cosas más bonitas llegan en momentos inesperados: Sons of Noel and Adrian ("...featuring members of Shoreline, Brighton-based Sons of Noel and Adrian play orchestral swirling folksongs about evangelism, mute soldiers, and ragwort. Not immediately comparable to anyone, they are characterised by odd melodies and almost trance inducing instrumentation").


Anonymous said...


'the wreck is not a boat' me pone muy de buenas

creo que es necesario tener un banjo

ana said...

the wreck tiene el mismo espíritu que la preciosa Sounds Like de Shoreline..

y mil veces sí a lo del banjo :)

rafa said...

en el wire de este mes viene la reseña de orion rigel dommisse, lo ponen bien :)