microphones in the trees: head of wantastiquet

Thursday, October 02, 2008

head of wantastiquet

"head of wantastiquet is the solo project of sunburned hand of the man's paul labrecque. this is the long awaited follow-up to paul's debut cassette release on open mouth. this lp is luscious and layered with psych banjo based pieces spread over 12 tracks. i'd compare it to a cross between daniel higgs and doc boggs with sweet vocals. solo guitar & banjo tapestries, a truly beautiful record which comes in a screenprinted double sided sleeve sleeve in a one time edition of 500." mimaroglu
"head of wantastiquet is paul labrecque, who should be a household name to lovers of transcendental experimental music. labrecque has also released an amazing lp with valerie webb entitled “trees, chants & hollers”, which is constructed from acoustic guitar with vocals, electronics, the sounds of crickets, and the wood-burning stove." subterrarium
paul labrecque, otro disco lleno de tópicos maravillosos: banjos, campos de algodón, árboles y cantos.

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parallelliott said...

i really like this album. i bought the lp.