microphones in the trees: tan or boil

Saturday, October 04, 2008

tan or boil

tan or boil - seamstress in a suitcase (preservation 2008)

"...Tan or Boil are as lo-fi as the recording aesthetic may be, the layers of instrumentation flesh out the recordings in a far from shambolic fashion, revealing a complex, nicely crafted set of arrangements. On 'Surgeon', the singing is oddly unintelligible - plenty loud enough, but the slurred delivery is multitracked into a mesmerising Bon Iver-like polyphonic wail. Also worthy of note: fans of earthy, warm electronics will be pleased to find that Aaron Martin and Part Timer's John McCaffrey both help out on the album, supplying additional instrumentation and electronic shenanigans. Lovely." boomkat

foto: miss bob


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