microphones in the trees: drunjus

Friday, February 27, 2009


drunjus - zone grown cassette (pizza night 2009)

"New fresh est tapee from Drunjus. Dense, primordial mud-drones and clammy earth-synth from this unit that features Clay Ruby and various members of the Davenport cultus. “Sounds like the tropics meet Wisconsin ” volcanic tongue

'Zone Grown' is a pretty deep wade through some pea-soup drone, and ends with this killer 1950 sci-fi computer processing peak. the ship is on auto and ready for docking...

The Flip side 'Porch Approach' is one of many recordings from this summers 'Dream Porch' sessions. Fair weather sundays outside on the porch 114 N. Brearly st. soaking it in and sending out. I think the neighboors even drop by for a visit. The time spent decompressing before entering the earths atmosphere after time away, can seem far longer than it actually may be. Of course, this makes the final arrival all that much better..."

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