microphones in the trees: second family band

Friday, February 20, 2009

second family band

"By 2002, many volk had gathered 'round and beat the bounds within the walls and yards of the Tomb. Many musical stories were born, such as The Davenport Family, The Grass Magic, Thee Botanical Shrine Band, Zodiac Mountain, All Do Gather, Organon, Candiru, The Crowned and Conquering Children, A Mercury Ensemble, Orthodox Blood Orchestra, The Midwestern Mudslide Hootenanny and Free Pentecostal Family Jams, Outlet, Jesus Balls, Mirror Man and th' Oshun Oxtra, as well as dozens of unnamed gatherings. These events have resulted in hundreds of hours of recorded musik and the tapes continue to pile up as most of us still live and work and play together. So now we have christened the advent of the Second Family, our new and unified banner for all of these our ancient (and future) rites. Peace, -=z.::.w=-"
Freeeeeeeee Jams


Anonymous said...

¿Se puede comprar en algún sitio?

ana said...

creo que de momento sólo se puede comprar a través de su página de myspace. su sello ourecordings no tiene página oficial..no?

Ecstatic Peace! said...

Desde un sello me han comentado que este disco todavía no se ha editado.

Anonymous said...

Hey... there are also 5 or 6 SFB releases on earjerk records, which have no mention.

here: earjerk.com

Rumor (Vamitos) said...

a la escucha...de The second family band...me encanta...me transporta...me evade y creo que lo voy a utilizar como banda sonora del seminario de pilates con chi-ball delñ domingo...me dejas?? ;)