microphones in the trees: amen dunes

Saturday, May 23, 2009

amen dunes

"A lot of crazy shit can happen to a man when he goes solitary in a ramshackle Catskill Mountain home for an extended stretch of time-especially for a city kind of guy. But if Amen Dunes's 12 tracker Dia is one possible outcome of the guy alone-in-a-cabin- story, then a little tape saturated brain frying is something we should all live comfortably with because this is a batch of seriously raw & inspired loner psych grit. That was 2006. These days the lone wolf behind Amen Dunes, Damon McMahon, calls a small two room apartment overlooking the Temple of Earth in North-Central Beijing home, where he watches old men fly kites and sing opera every morning. Who knows what'll come out of that." locust
hoy es un buen día para recordar a greg ashley, valerio sartori, cherry blossoms, kurt vile...a través de amen dunes. como ellos, dia transmite algo especial, atemporal (sobre todo a partir de 'patagonian domes'), algo absolutamente maravilloso

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naid said...

thanks so much ! rocking this lp as we speak