microphones in the trees: anla courtis / aaron moore

Friday, May 01, 2009

anla courtis / aaron moore

"If only all postal collaborations sounded as alive as this one, Anla Courtis (Reynols) and Aaron Moore (Volcano The Bear) have put together beautifully organic effort for No-Fi. The most important characteristic of the album is the scintilla of sunlight-drifting dust that settles over Brokebox Juke, the kind of barely there unifier that makes this lp seem like a real-time recording. From the fly-tipping pastoral charm of “One” to the duo-do-four-piece krautypsych of “Seven” Courtis/Moore have created finely-formed and textured arrangements across the record. Junk grooves, trumpet parts and acoustic guitar notes are layered like cross-fire breezed melodies from open studio windows looking out on city streets and open fields, this manages to be one of the most engaging, and naturalistic collaborations in recent years, and these guys didn’t even meet! Imagine one piece of gatefolded vinyl that is the summation of everything the Last Visible Dog label has ever promised to deliver. This is it. 9/10" foxy digitalis


Anonymous said...

aaron moore here.
can you please remove my record from your blog. it's only just come out and we'd prefer people to buy it than get it for free.
when it's out of print then post away but for now please remove it.

Carolina said...

Esto es tener olfato :|.