microphones in the trees: cursillistas / love cult

Monday, March 01, 2010

cursillistas / love cult

"Edition of 100 copies cassette from Cursillistas & Love Cult, a ritualistic acid/folk outfit that conjure the kind of cultic confusion of galactic explorers like Siloah, Dom and Ghost using bowed strings, drones, smeared vocals and acoustic instruments. First up is Cursillistas' epic 23 minute 'Great Salt Desert', a superb weirded out blues drenched, desert dried, psychedelic mirage... The b side opens with Love Cult's 'Breadcrumb Pony Tail', a swirling blissful distortion dripping psyche dream, a really beautiful 11 minute wonder. This is followed by 'Somn' a more crushing electrifying piece with tinkering and rattling from unrecognizable objects, distorted feedback blurts and what sounds like then objects trying to communicate. Limited to 100 copies with parchment paper (either gold or ivory) cover with black and white print." blackest rainbow

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Anonymous said...

no se porqué pero ya sólo el nombre me encanta "cursillistas"