microphones in the trees: ye uphall knyte fryars

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ye uphall knyte fryars

"Stay up all night with the Fryars! Travel through time and space in the grand tradition of the global psychedelic underground with this pseudonymous quartet of Second Family Banders on the lam. The Trans-Galactic Be-In is someplace to be! But the Trans-Temporal Be-In is the real trip...how did they manage to record this one in Golden Gate Park way back in 1967?? Festivities conclude at dawn with the slow-motion dubscape Sun Arose." boondock pissoir

"Ye Uphall Knight Fryars may be appealing to fans of Second Family Band and indeed, it would seem at least of few of the family are fryars... As you may know anarchy is an essential element in Second Family Band's perpetually bewildering output. This 'no rules' policy is part of what constantly renews them and keeps it churning..." earjerk

psychedelicunderground, un homenaje a free country ¿qué más se puede pedir?


adrián said...

este es de los míos, buf :))

(pronto de vuelta, actualizando y actualizándome...)

catalogo puertas metalicas said...

Thank you for the article, very worthwhile material.

Anonymous said...

Possible re-up? Been lookin' for this for a long while.

ana said...

here's the new link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?gn9ommgbeifv71d