microphones in the trees: the magic carpathians

Thursday, June 10, 2010

the magic carpathians

the magic carpathians • acousmatic psychogeography [world flag records, 2010]

"The new Magic Carpathians album is finally out on our own World Flag Records. Somehow it means coming back to our roots, since the Magic Carpathians Project first album, "ethnocore" (1999), was self-released as well. "Acousmatic Psychogeography" is the outcome of almost fully improvised session we have recorded back in 2008 (I mentioned it here already I guess) - we've had immense pleasure to share the space with Eric Arn and Andrzej Widota. Without their creative contribution the outcome would be entirely different I guess and we think this album is our common effort. Staying for two days at the mountain lodge (where all the studio equipment has been provided by extremely skillful and entrepreneurial Piotr Pietrzak of NS Studio) and playing for almost 48 hours with just a few moments of short sleep definitely was one of the most beautiful ways to celebrate: in 2008 the Magic Carpathians Project hit the 10th anniversary and were really surprised to realize it. Ten years flashed like one short moment, the only thing that reminded us about time passing by was the memories of how many wonderful people we have met on the way and these are global connections for the most part." the magic carpathians

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