microphones in the trees: mv & ee

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

mv & ee

"a collection of massively dosed studio recordings, Liberty Rose opens with beams of elegiac solo guitar before dropping into a classic slow-burning jag with puffs of echo/delay damaged vocals melting into hallucinatory afterimages while Erika slides quicksilver runs all the way down your spine. “Crow Jane Environs” has a deep desert feel that could almost be Mu if it wasn’t for Erika’s oracular vocals and Matt Valentine’s post-Takayanagi soloing. The stark, stripped down version of “Death Is My Friend” features a stunning/chilling vocal performance from Erika and Doc Dunn joins the duo for the last two tracks, with “Out In Space” as dazed and lonely as anything on Skip Spence’s Oar and “Streams” featuring clouds of lucid unison vocals that you could disappear inside. Dedicated to Dr Ragtime. Highly recommended." volcanic tongue


Anonymous said...

una portada muy vaquera :-)


Brett said...


rafa said...

más spectrasound y menos ecstatic peace!!

ana said...

sip! cuando hacen disco así son de otro mundo