microphones in the trees: big blood

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

big blood

"...dead songs is as sorrowful & joyful in its mirrored symmetry as the infinite life cycle itself, flowing on cleansing waves of inner release & spirit absorption… wailing fuzzed-up garage folk anthems mesh into twisted poetic acidfolk and drift to expansive melancholic meditations of boundless depth. two voices howl, swoon, alternate & join, lyrical layers peel away endlessly, tiny amps weep in pain, crude percussion booms thunderous, and ragged, beautiful hooks unfurl straight out of the void" time~lag

foto: old chum


Maradona said...

hola mi amigo! cordial saludo ^ ^!
su blog se ve bonita 0_0

por cierto,
si usted necesidad de encontrar fuentes únicas, puede ir a nuestra página web.

saludos cordiales;

mar said...

con las últimas fotolas, discolos, incluso con tan solo leer asian mae me alegras el día... todo se va a la maleta musical para escuchar allá en lo alto mientras se cruza el charco... gracialas por tanto vuelo ;)


Anonymous said...

One of the disc of the year ... for me :-)