microphones in the trees: high wolf

Thursday, July 01, 2010

high wolf

"excellent french loop/keyboard/psychedelic exotica outfit that projects post-Vibracathedral Orchestra/Astral Social Club styled trance into the future on waves of spectral technicolour. Ascension feels more haunted than previous High Wolf releases, with deep strata of subtly obscured melodies wheeling beneath fuzz, shaker percussion and glorious vertical take-offs. Psychoactive electro-minimalism with a heavy devotional atmosphere. Hypnotic/melodic palm tree tronics sculpted into jangly rhythmic pop fogs" volcanic tongue

foto: ntmtk

meeting of the three seas, solar system is my god, ...siempre favoritos

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mar said...

nada como meeting of the three seas para bailar... siempre high wolf :)